Sunday, August 01, 2010

Courage Conference 2010: 3rd Report

News from the front...
Saturday July 31, 2010
hello. fr. knapp's homily was about how st. ignatius of loyola was not a really virtuous guy growing up & in his youth. conceited, hot-tempered, a woman chaser "of the first order" he said, he cared more about the material life. his main goal was to marry a princess < a real one > and settle into a noble life. a cannonball to the leg, however, had him convalescing at the family castle and while he wanted trashy novels to keep him occupied, there weren't any. his sister instead gave him a book on the the life of st. francis and the imitation of Christ.
these two books changed his life. father knapp compared st. ignatius' view of life to a poker game term. when someone playing poker puts all his wealth, all his chips, into the pot, it is said that he is "all in." st. ignatius lived his life "all in." he gave it everything he had. at first, he led a zesty life pursuing the things of this world. but in seeing the examples of st. francis and st. dominic living for God, combating heresies, he decided to turn his life around and go "all in" for God. and what a manly man he was.
that's MY chaplain! :) wish you could've heard him preach.
this afternoon's workshops:
1. "honor your father and mother" by dr. timothy lock and fr. paul check.
2. "discovering the roots of chastity within the Holy Mass," by presenter paul francis. 
3. "same sex attraction: a study in attachment," by deacon barry levy.
4. "what do we do now? applying understanding for growth and healing," by dr. suzanne baars (this is the one i'll be going to). her summary says, "having looked at SSA through the prism of emotional deprivation disorder (EDD/the unaffirmed state), we have identified two problems: 
a. the person with SSA has not felt unconditionally accepted/loved, manifested by specific symptoms, and therefore, 
b. the emotional life is underdeveloped.
the main focus of this talk will be to discuss first how to wait patiently for others to affirm, and to learn about what it looks like to self-affirm, which is a futile endeavor. SSA is about sexual identity rather than sexual behavior --- so how do we find our true identity/our true self? who am i? secondly, we will discuss the meaning of living the affirming life, and how it is helpful to developing (and healing) the emotional life."
later this afternoon, fr. livingston from minnesota is going to meet with EnCourage for spouses and then there's a Group Leader meeting with fr. check < which i'll have to attend, even though i'm wanting to take a break from leading >. - Courage Conference Correspondent


  1. I commented on an earlier thread but meant to be more current. So here it is again.

    I was thinking that the title 'Courage' is appropriate both for this group and for so many others.

    Christianity is not for wimps. It isn't easy, and it requires sacrifice, work, and yes- courage. All graces of God through the Holy Spirit.

    Ours is a paradoxical life. We win by losing and are made strong by suffering. We are rich through poverty. The list goes on.

    Yet this is the life worth living, full of joy and replete with blessings.

    But still - not for wimps! Maybe that's why Anne Rice has repudiated the Church. She has quailed under the lash of liberal assaults and opinion.

    At any rate, God bless those in Courage and those who support them.
    God bless you too Terry. Your blog is a great blessing.


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