Saturday, May 11, 2013

I read a funny post today...

A couple of weeks ago I got involved in a group email.  (Never get into that!)  I'm not on Facebook or Twitter - for a reason...  I don't do forums or chat rooms - for a reason.  I won't be doing group emails ever again, for the same reason.  As in any live conversation you say too much, say things you shouldn't, and get caught up in the negative flow - the difference is - it's in print. 

Everyone is diminished in that kind of exercise - every one.

Anyway - I read a funny post involving one of the participants of that group email.  It's a transcript of his conversation with a Facebook commenter who objected to something the other said.  I wish I could link to it, but the blog owner doesn't want any association with me.  It is a very funny post however. 

If only we could undo some of the things we say and tweet.


Friday, May 10, 2013

In historic vote... Minnesota House... approves gay marriage bill...

Packed capitol full of emotion on both sides...

I kept thinking, "No, there's no gay agenda."  Did you ever hear that?  There are even funny photos online about the supposed 'gay agenda' thingie - making fun of right-wing-nuts who suggest such an evil conspiracy theory in the first place.  "No - there's no gay agenda... my ass."
The vote comes just six months after Minnesota voters defeated a proposal to constitutionally ban same-sex marriage. The sharp divisions remaining within the state were evident in a Star Tribune Minnesota Poll two months ago that showed a majority of Minnesotans still opposed to lifting the legal ban on gay marriage. - StaTribune

An agenda emotionally charged and well funded.

Minnesota for Marriage has one registered lobbyist. According to John Helmberger, Chairman of the Minnesota for Marriage, the other side has 12 lobbyists. Paul Singer's organization pumped a quarter million dollars to lobby Republicans to redefine marriage in Minnesota. - When you say 'gay marriage is inevitable'...
 Gay people have a lot of money and the agenda is very well funded.

Song for this post here.


Thursday, May 09, 2013

I'm back: Day Two

I really recommend a break from the Internet - a complete fast - no phone, no checking mail, no going to favorite news portals even just to get headlines.  I recommend praying a lot more, and if you don't paint like I do, work in the garden, in the yard, do something physical - to allow your mind to roam.  Allow yourself time for reflection and recreation.  I don't think the Internet is an appropriate form of recreation.  When you come back online you have a healthier perspective.

Maybe it's the subject matter of my painting,  but I crave pure Catholic doctrine.  I can't be away from the Church, I can't live without the faith.  Life is nothing without the faith... without the Church.  I get a good feeling from faithful Catholic blogs.  There are blogs out there that are not faithful - and we try to be friends, we try to dialogue and be open to ideas - that's fine for scholars and debaters and for people who are trying to convince one another about something...  There is an information overload however.  One can over-expose one's self.  We so want to be understood and accepted - but there is a danger in revealing too much of ourselves - the danger being we can lose out very self.  I'm not sure we need to know every one's innermost thoughts, their deepest struggles, much less that we reveal our own to everyone online.  I can't be a slave to blogs or the combox or the email box - thank God I'm not on twitter or Facebook.

I don't know what I'm trying to say - but be Catholic.  Be faithful.  Be careful of adulterating the faith, of watering it down with false charity.

There is so much evil in the world, so much compromise amongst those who call themselves religious - but the Roman Catholic Church is the only ark of salvation.

Anyway - call me crazy, but I'm back online. 

(I also hit 'publish' too soon.)

Art:  edward gorey

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Hello young Poodles!

Quick update!

I've been so busy painting and I wanted to see how long I could stay offline.  Then last night I had a dream about Fr. Z and he told me how much he missed my repartee and was asking folks what happened to me.  So I decided I'd stop on by and sing you a little song to let you know all is well - I'm painting a crazy painting - the worst painting of my life - Little Freak would love it.

Oh! Oh!  It's Cathy's birthday today!  Happy birthday Cathy.

So.  I haven't checked emails, caught any news save network news, I don't know what is happening in the world.  I haven't answered the phone or talked to anyone but the cat.  I'm crazy painting.  No drugs, no alcohol, barely eating... crazy painting.  Praying numerous rosaries too.

Does this make sense?

The painting is intense because there are numerous figures and they take time - I'm laying in the background and figures and then have to go back to detail clothes, etc.  Then - when all of that is complete - I want to glaze and shadow - but I'm not good at that and so I'm getting a little freaked too...  And then.  And then...  and then I start thinking it's all a waste of time and I'm afraid I might burn it when I'm done and I think maybe Fr. Z doesn't care that I'm online or offline. 


BTW - I just went through my Reader stuff and skimmed a few news portals - looks like I missed a lot of nuthin'.