Wednesday, August 04, 2010

When Fr. Z is away...

I don't know what to do with myself - I get a lot of material from him and his commenters.  I'm serious.


  1. Ever hear of "Recovering Dissident"? You could get some good material from that blog.

    Or so I've heard...

  2. Teddy - that is how a Scottsman would say your name.

  3. Lory:
    I always thought it was Scotsman... I don't know why?

    I would suggest going "back in time" and using old posts, like blasts from the past... but for some reason his blog is hard to search.

  4. michael r.6:59 AM

    Might be a good time to run something on altar girls. The Pope is welcoming 50,000 altar boys & girls(60% of the total) in Rome. I haven't seen that the Pope has said anything negative about the impact of girls at the altar. I doubt that Fr. Z will cover this event since he is always speaking against altar girls.

  5. Teddy, you could post pics of what you're cooking....

  6. Just beg for money.

    Wait, didn't someone in one of the comboxes recently post something about having the fattest poor in the world?


    I guess they were right.

  7. Hey, Thom, WE NEED MONEY!!
    The greatest secret (better than the so=called "Fourth Secret of Fatima"!).
    God bless Fr. Z.
    He only went to La Crosse, for gosh sake...not to Rome or Timbucktoo...

  8. He only went to LaCrosse because donations are down and NYC was just out of the question. ;-)

  9. Oh,!
    You're killin' me here!!
    You must have more important "fish to fry"...


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