Saturday, August 07, 2010

Twitteded update...

Just pretending to be on Twitter and Facebook BTW.

6:31 PM:  Just got home from church - very special - I realize my best thanksgivings are when everyone is yelling and screaming in church after Mass.  I'm not kidding.
6:35 PM:   Changed from my jeans and polo shirt back into my ripped jeans and t-shirt.  Two baptisms during Mass.  I'm not complaining - but I thought if I had a cell phone I could have tweeted through it.  I know!
6:39 PM:   Got a drink of water and thought - I should go get some pre-mixed Margarita's...
6:53 PM:   People on social network deals - like Twitter and Facebook - are such losers.  Just kidding.
7:21 PM:   I might go out and chop some stuff down... the lilacs need pruning.


  1. Okay, here's my life at this present moment in time: I've wiped up the kitchen floor for the THIRD time because unbeknownst to me (da?) there was vinegar/sugar water leaking all over from the plastic bags I THOUGHT I had sealed with cole slaw which I was going to freeze...
    instead of going apes***, I wiped up said mess and am now going to refer ya'all to the video which I am going to presently watch and let go of all the said rage, frustration, and downright obscene thoughts that could very easily be actuated if I don't divert said attention...
    Of oourse! Gotcha!
    I don't know why but this video just makes me smile.

  2. vinegar and sugar water?? Yukko...I'd have ants for months..

    Taking a break from washing dishes and wishing Terry would invite me over for margaritas :)


  3. Sara: I'll give a report in the AM...might just have those suckers around; it's hot, humid and ghastly here in WI...and that's when the ants come out.
    And yes, margaritas sound AWFULLY good right now!

  4. Prune the lilacs???????????? Are you insane? Your lilacs should be pruned right after blooming. They have already formed next years flowers.

    Just say no to pruning...

  5. ...if i tweeted last night it would have been labeled "no room @ the inn" ... until 3 A.M. at some motel in some town ... was informed some GPS convention was hogging the rooms at all those Jo'el Motels ...

    Terry - what a great photo ... wonder if anyone stopped to pick him up ... bet'cha that got a few heads chatting in those cars passing him ...

  6. Adrienee - to answer your question, "Are you insane." Maybe a little bit.

    But I'm only cutting out dead wood - the lilacs are trained as trees, so I'm also clearing the suckers from the floor of the "forest". Not to worry.

    Paula - I doubt anyone would pick a guy up with an ax. Well maybe some people would.

  7. I'm an insomniac tonight...I think I know that guy with the don't want to give him a ride, believe me.
    He thinks he's the Archangel Michael; and he's looking for Satan.
    Well; okay.
    But put the fligggin' axe down, okay?
    That's good.

  8. Plus, it's thundering and lightening right now; I expect a frightened terrier to come jumping to bed (or under the bed, depending upon how scared he actually is)...
    no sleep tonight, I'm afraid.

  9. This is like your own reality show, wouldn't you say? But instead of a camera filming your every move, you post about it. I predict you will become the "Snooki" of blogosphere!

    Keep it clean or I'm switching channels:0)


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