Monday, August 02, 2010

Final Report on 2010 Courage Conference

First:  The Final Part of Fr. Loya's Address.
although we have used the example of men in terms of same sex attraction, the principle of honesty applies to women also. the fact of the matter is that for women same sex attraction is a different phenomenon than for men. for men same sex attraction is a developmental issue. for women it is an issue of intimacy. it is not sexual. this is why most women who are in supposed 'lesbian' relationships either have been in or are simultaneously in, or who in the future will be involved in relationships with men. women who are involved with other women have been hurt in some way in the area of intimacy. the language of the female body says that womanhood is made for intimacy and women will seek intimacy one way or the other. men will seek maleness one way or the other.
for those who struggle with same sex attraction, is is the Church and she alone who most sympathizes with you, who is in your corner, and who will walk with you every step of the way. and no matter how angry people might get at the Church, no matter how badly the Church is maligned, the Church will never change on these issues for two reasons. first, as we said earlier, the Church simply points to the created order and tells us about it. she is God's 'press secretary.' since God has not changed the created order the Church is not free to change its teachings on matters pertaining to the created order. secondly, the Church and God love us all too much to agree to that which is less than honest, because in the end only that which is honest to God's created order will bring about the happiness for which we all so deeply long. i suspect the message from the Church to anyone who believes they have a sexual attraction to the same gender is that if you will persevere to live according to God's created order that you will be in Heaven before any of us. it is the Church who is truly compassionate, who truly loves anyone who believes they have a sexual attraction to the same gender. true compassion is based on an uncompromising honesty to the created order. that is often the road less traveled. but it is the Church and She alone who will walk that road with anyone every step of the way."  - Conclusion of Fr. Loya's Address at 2010 Courage Conference.
Second:  Remarks from Our Friend At the Conference.
the final talk on sunday morning was given by fr. check on humility. he said that humility is the foundation of the moral and spiritual life. if we find ourselves bristling against humiliations, that is a good thing, for it shows us what we need to let go of; what we need to change in our lives. he also said that if we are truly humble, we would have no business being resentful about anything the good Lord permits to come our way. be it good or bad, we need to accept all from the hand of God. to resent something happening to us, as if we did not deserve it < and we truly may not deserve it, but that's not the point > would be to say "this should not be happening to me. i deserve better. i am better than this." and that is pride. if our Lord, who emptied Himself to take on the human condition, and was perfectly innocent, did not protest when mocked, scorned, ridiculed, spat upon and tortured even to death; if even HE did not state "i do not deserve this," then who are we to say such a thing? our job is to imitate Him who said "follow Me, for I am meek and humble of heart."
we are blessed to have fr. check. the office is moving from NYC to connecticut, as fr. check is still obliged in obedience to his local ordinary to continue with his pastoral duties for the archdiocese of bridgeport. so in order for him to function effectively, the national *courage* office is being relocated. fr. check also made the call for members of *courage* to 'come out,' so to speak. to step forward and be willing to give testimony to the Church in areas that is lacking either a *courage* chapter or support for the apostolate. i'm volunteering to be one such person, because i think the Church's position - the truly compassionate one on this issue - is being misrepresented and misunderstood. we're not here to 're-program' people. we are here to offer support and encouragement for those Catholics living with SSA who do not want to be sexually active; who see the erroneous message of the gay community that in order to have peace, you have to be 'true to yourself' and feed your disordered passions. there is no peace in such a life. the heart of a true Catholic knows the truth, but where to go to have the truth nurtured in your soul, and not have the smoldering wick extinguished as groups like Dignity or the HRC would do. the answer is the Courage Apostolate. we are growing. we are becoming more vocal. the Truth cannot be suppressed. it cries out from the heart. - Courage correspondent and friend.
I am very pleased by what I have heard and read from this year's Courage Conference.  I am confident Courage Apostolate continues in its fidelity to the teaching of the Catholic Church and offers a way of sanctification and support for men and women struggling with same sex temptations.  Thanks be to God.

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  1. Thank you, Terry, once again, for making this known.

    What an absolute "feast" of the depth and profundity of our Catholic spiritual tradition! Fr. Loya is incredible...and the correspondent is to be thanked for making this known.

    There is great hope! Such wondrous our Lord Jesus Who gives us His Mercy and healing in the Sacrament of Penance, His Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity in Holy Communion, the fruit of His Sacrifice offered on the Altar...the wisdom of the ages in our spiritual masters and the help of current psychological and medical knowledge.

    God's plan for each one of us is to belong to Him completely, totally, forever. Each of us has a particular mission to make present that Christ may be "all in all". The deep wounds and sufferings of those with SSA, as well as all of the alcoholics, drug addicts, porno addicts, sinners, all of us, are opportunities to love, to be compassionate, to grow in virtue, to be signs of those who need God; and all of us, no matter if we have none of these difficulties, all of us, need God. Absolutely.


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