Tuesday, January 18, 2022

A Correction


I removed the posts on the Cowboy Monks because of a Tweet from Fr. Ray Blake revealing Church Militant coercive tactics to elicit a condemnation of the Wyoming group and what was revealed by the whistleblower.  I posted the following on my FB page:

I was duped again. CM and Niles are underhanded and can't be trusted.
Evidently they contacted Fr. Ray Blake seeking commentary on the Cowboy Carmelites. I'm removing my links to the CM report.
fr. raymond blake
Church Militant has threatened me, or is this blackmail to stop any criticism.
"Are you ok with that? Your flock and bishop should know."
How else should that be interpreted?
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Church Militant
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Replying to @raylblake
That's not an answer, Father. We asked you about what's taking place at the Wyoming monastery: a priest stripping down naked with novices under his care, and conducting spiritual direction in nothing but tight briefs.
Are you ok with that? Your flock and bishop should know.
3:16 PM · Jan 17, 2022·Twitter Web App

"If anyone thinks he is religious and does not bridle his tongue - deceives himself, his religion is worthless." - James 1:26

I was deeply disturbed by the Tweet to Fr. Blake - it was indeed coercive and inappropriate.  

Today I restored the posts simply because of the comments left by readers, which were so insightful and thoughtful, offering a more objective perspective than what the CM Report offered.  

I'll never link to CM again, because of this incident.  I have to be so careful regarding my online reading and news reports, so tainted by bias and vindictiveness, not to mention those who publish in the hopes of increasing their stats and generate buzz - or simply to defame others through gossip and detraction.

Anti-clericalism is opposition to religious authority, especially in social or political matters.

Just about every site, every Catholic site; FB page, blog, Twitter, social media fringe news sites, apologetics sites, are at each others throats, digging up dirt, accusing one another, spreading propaganda and conspiracy theories and so on. Be they so-called liberal or conservative - all are busy with judging, condemning one another - especially those who dare criticize or refute their 'work' - for which they request donations!  All of this is done in the name of the Church, of Christ, defending the TRUTH, or to save the USA, to defend Life, or whatever their claim to orthodoxy may be.

"Nothing so tends to mask the face of God as religion; it can be a substitute for God himself." - Martin Buber