Thursday, August 05, 2010

Shelly Vacations in Racist Spain.

Work it girl.

Shelly strolling with a few friends through the streets of Marbella while she and Sasha take a vacation break in the middle of the depression.


Shelly and her entourage of 40+ are cramming themselves into this little hotel, Villa Padierna in Marbella.
How's the economy going for the rest of us?
About a half mile from my house, on what was the outskirts of Minneapolis, sits an old motel that only survives these days because indigents coming into the city and who qualify for emergency assistance from welfare, receive vouchers to stay there.  They also get money for food and other necessities.  Many times these folks walk through the neighborhood on their way to a nearby supermarket to pick up groceries.  Many of them come in from Chicago and have something of an entourage themselves - several kids and an occasional boyfriend/husband.  They tell me Minneapolis has better benefits than Chicago.
I just heard of an acquaintance who was laid off.  He and his wife have 2 kids, a house in the burbs, 2 SUV's, and don't forget 2 kids - who must be clothed, fed, educated, and so on.  His wife has been out of work for a year and a half.  The family's health insurance alone costs them almost $2000- a month.  The husband, who is around 60 years old, suggested to his wife the family would be better off if he killed himself.
You just watch - there is going to be a backlash in this country and it is so going to hurt.


  1. T:

    Qu'ils mangent de la brioche.

    Sorry for the short comment, I need to get back out to the grounds, we are having a Croquet tournament where you have to take a sip of 30yo Scotch before you hit your ball.


  2. The whole fam should get t-shirts like the one that Bob wears in What About Bob?:


    That way they can vacation in their own country as well.

  3. Rush said a room at that hotel is $2500.00 a night.
    I could spew obscenities right now, but I'll control myself.
    Marie Antionette (the altered version) come to mind?

  4. Hey Joe--

    I think your croquet match would be a real hoot if it was a shot of tequila instead of a sip of Scotch.. :)

    Don't even start with me on those folks who are unemployed.. I interviewed 5 of the biggest losers this past week for a driver position. They were the best of the ones selected.

    don't ask me to come in early, don't ask me to stay late, yep I'm arrears on child support and foreclosed on house and filed for bankrupty (when I just so happen to mention that we would be doing background checks)..oh yeah and I smoke pot on the weekends, is that ok?? Oh yeah-- I DID have my CDL, but between my speeding tickets and just being lazy I didn't get it renewed..but the company will pay for me to retake all the tests and classes right?? And what's this about having to be a US citizen??

    Back to the drawing board..


    Oh yeah..if anyone wants to move out to Utah we have a QA inspector position open, full time salaried good bennies, must have bachelor's degree in engineering/technical and experience with building/construction codes. US citizen mandatory and must be able to get a security clearance...

  5. Remember that infamous quote from Pope Leo X: "Since God has given us the papacy, let us enjoy it." The Obamas I think would make a similar statement in regards to the presidency, but omitting the word God, of course.

    They're trying to take full advantage of all the benefits that come with Obama being president.

  6. Joe - jolly good, wot? Just a snifter of cognac for me, that's a good fellow!

  7. Tom in Vegas: Well, okay...
    the Obamas better enjoy it now;
    or, rather,
    they better think twice about any more ENJOYING...
    yeah, the economy is in crisis, the middle class and poor are in crisis, his Heiness is more interested in his "image" rather than doing a day's work; and the Mrs. is doing whatever it is she is doing in Europe.
    These people are the equivalent of, excuse me, "white trash" who have come into money.
    Absolutely disgusting.
    Anything that comes out of either of their mouths is just bs; period.
    Okay, I'm done.

  8. Aceman11:18 AM

    Cut and paste into your browser:

    Even Shelley ain't wracking up that kinda bill for 4 days. Oh, but this isn't a vacation, I forgot, it's an "official state visit."

  9. Drudge gives a link for a report on Shelley's $375.000.00 vacation.
    And a papal visit is a bit more worth the money than this.
    Sorry, Aceman. No offense.

  10. I have read in the newspapers today that Michelle is the new Marie Antoinette.

  11. Hi Angelo - LOL! That news is unfortunate as it is an insult to poor Marie Antoinette.

    Michelle should be so chic.


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