Saturday, November 09, 2019

Life imitates art ... Fr. Z is the new Robert Langdon.

Z Map.

He's been connecting dots.

And they line up to a similar pattern as that found in Dan Brown's Angels and Demons - you know, the author of those books about the Illuminati who has pretty much been condemned by Catholics online as anti-Catholic?  Hmmmmm...

Illuminati Map.

For some time, as I hear about bizarre things going on in and around the Vatican City State, I’ve been trying to connect the dots.   This morning I connected literal dots just to see what a few of these strange things looked like, mapped out.
  • There was a horrible drug fueled homosexual orgy at the Palazzo Sant’Uffizio some years back.  That’s in the very building where the CDF and the Pontifical Commission “Ecclesia Dei” are housed.  Where the Faith is defended and where Tradition is being fostered.  The CDF also handles the graviora delicta, abuse matters.  This is also very close to the a) place where Peter was crucified, b) the Synod Hall, c) the Casa Santa Marta (where Francis lives), d) the Basilica where Peter’s bones are.
  • A ceremony was held in the Vatican Gardens near the Museums where a tree was planted and an imam recited a sutra from the Koran that was intended to claim territory for “Allah”.  That video was scrubbed and the whole thing buried.  I recently went to that spot and saw the tree.  There is no plaque for the event, though all the other commemorative trees have a plaque.
  • A pagan ritual was held in the Vatican Gardens near the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes.  A statue of Pachamama was venerated in a ritual way.  A pagan idol was venerated, in violation of the 1st Commandment.  This idol was ubiquitous during the Amazon Synod as were black bowls used in the rite to invoke that demon.   I know at least one priest who went to that place and recited Ch. 3 of Title in the Roman Ritual to exorcise a place.
  • Pagan symbols including many Pachamama idols with obscene dehumanizing photos were displayed in a church just up the main street extending to St. Peter’s Basilica, in Santa Maria in Traspontina.  There were regular ceremonies there to venerate the demonic idols over a period of a month.  An young Austrian man took some of the idols from this church and threw them into the Tiber River.
  • During the closing Mass of the Amazon Synod, one of those black bowls with a plant with red flowers, associated with the cult of the demon Pachamama, was placed – at the order of Francis – on the very altar of Saint Peter’s Basilica directly over the place where the bones of St. Peter are located. - Wherein Fr. Z Rants.
Alert the media.  Get the presses rolling - this could be bigger than those National best sellers, Deciphering the Da Vinci Code and the Gargoyle Code!  Get Ron Howard on the phone!  No!  Get Barb Nicolosi and Act Up - get a screen play and make this film.  What?

Fr. Z just might be made a Monsignor for this one.

Thursday, November 07, 2019

So. Viganò calls for the reconsecration of St. Peter’s Basilica?

Pachamama, a symbol of earth’s fertility for Andean cultures.

Yep.  Those are the words of Archbp. Carlo Maria Viganò.

Fr.Z links to the original story/interview from LifeSiteNews.  Methinks they protest too much - but who am I to judge?

I'm certainly not afraid.  As a fan and painter of Indigenous-Spanish-Colonial art, and since I have been influenced by Spanish mysticism and spirituality since my youth, as well as that introduced by missionaries in the Americas, I have great esteem for the indigenous elements documented in Roman Catholic iconography, much of which remain to this day.

The idea that a Pachamama image(s) was found displayed in Our Lady's Church in Rome, and carried along a Way of the Cross at St. Peter's, or was used in a tree planting ceremony in the Vatican gardens, hardly rises to the Abomination of Desolation level of apostasy.  St. JPII attended similar ceremonies in Assisi, kissed a Koran, among other actions, which always unsettled the settled.  My point is, to some extent these concerns are not new - the issue of inculturation and the fears of syncretism stretch back to Colonial times.  I will offer an example from Bolivia.

San Francisco, La paz
All photos for this post
are details of the 1700's facade.

The facade of the Basilica of San Francisco in the city of La Paz, Bolivia.
A plaque at the atrium of the San Francis church that is part of the market reads: “What began causing divisions, ended up uniting two cultures in a rich blend of cultures that marks the identity of this unique city.”
In LaPaz, Bolivia, in 1549, the Franciscan order built a church. It was rebuilt some 200 years later by indigenous people who had converted to Catholicism. In its baroque-styled facade, they carved in stone the head of a bull, a symbol of the colonizers, as well as Franciscan shields, and a bare-breasted goddess, who Mendoza says is Pachamama, a symbol of earth’s fertility for Andean cultures.
Anthropologists say that the indigenous would camouflage their beliefs under Catholic ones. That created a blend of Christian and ancestral rites, called religious syncretism. It is recognized by Bolivia’s constitution under the term “Andean cosmovision,” and it is widely practiced by many in the mostly indigenous South American country. - Source
Superstitious fears.

God bless the prelates and priests concerned about the confusion in the Church, but they need to stop stirring up fears of Satanism invading the sanctuary, and giving so much credence to powerless idols - who have mouths, but speak not, who are naked, but attract not.

As Pope Francis has pointed out since the beginning of his Pontificate, real idolatry exists in the world and is perpetrated by big business, politics, prosperity-gospel-preachers, and ideological colonization - by any entity well funded by their followers.  Entire nations, along with big business take part in infant sacrifice through legalized  abortion and imposed contraception, as well as human trafficking.  One ought not forget the role big pharma, fashion and pop-culture plays in the manipulation of gender-identity,  body-dysphoria - which is worse than any form of tribal scarification-mutilation and or tattooing to 'please the gods'.  The priests of Baal cut themselves to gain favor with their false gods.   Our generation is idolatrous to the extreme, we embrace these forms of pagan ritual in ordinary life.  Look how prevalent piercings and tattoos are even among devout Catholics. 

Just remember, Pachamama and many other pagan effigies hold places of honor on church facades and in the interiors of churches throughout Europe since Medieval times and earlier.

On April 23, 1758, The Basilica was officially consecrated - as it is.
Maybe someone might want to inform Vigano?

Tuesday, November 05, 2019

The Eighth Day

Eight days ago I wrote about dubious apparitions.

The same day I came down with flu symptoms, even though I got a flu shot.  This has been one of the worst I've had - I missed Mass twice, and finally managed to get into Urgent Care for diagnosis.  No pneumonia - but bronchitis.  The flu test was deemed a false negative because my symptoms contradicted the test.  Today I'm beginning to feel better.

Was I punished for my post?

Haha!  I don't believe it works that way.  What I do believe is that getting hit with a severe illness for a few days, completely interrupts your life.  It's a prelude to death, in a way.  The thought of possessions and material things seems like such a burden.  Even food is reduced to a necessity without enjoyment or satisfaction.  What I have spent my time on - ah - social media, reading, writing, getting worked up over all the fighting, political division, even in the Church, all of it is diminished in importance in contrast with eternal life - or eternal death.  In fact, it seems to me, eternal death is the continuation of the chaos and conflict we immerse ourselves in, enclosed, imprisoned by the materialism our possessions represent. 

I think purgatory may be a better analogy, since I am feeling better and I have more hope.  The fever and chills and aches - perhaps just a minute experience of the sufferings some of the mystics say souls in purgatory suffer.  The thought of unfinished projects and obligations, now unable to complete, as well as the needs of those who depend upon me, which I couldn't take care of when I was in bed, unable to do much, seemed to me a sort of purgative experience.  Sorry to be so dramatic, but illness seems to me to be a sort of 'correction of conscience'.  BTW, that's what the 'Warning' is supposed to accomplish.  I don't see that as a punishment.

Souls in Purgatory Supplicating the Madonna of Loreto

A correction of conscience.

In a BBC interview Mikhail Gorbachev, the world is in colossal danger at this time.  Over the weekend, news from Akita surfaced, the angel who first appeared Sr. Sasagawa returned, calling for penance and prayer, in the style of Jonah, and in my opinion, a purposeful reference to the prophet's  urgent call to repentance at Nineveh.
The good thing to convey to everyone is, “Cover in ashes” (see Note 2) “and please pray the Penitential Rosary every day. You (Sr. Sasagawa) become like an child and every day please give sacrifice.” - Source
That gave me pause, but I don't think it should surprise anyone, or scare people ... sitting in ashes may be similar to having the flu and unable to eat.  To do penance, to become like a child, to pray the rosary in a spirit of penance and reparation, that is not a punishment. 

We know Gorbachev is right, and Sr. Sasagawa seems even more credible, as well.  We are in perilous times.  So it is good to pray for repentance and do penance - not just for ourselves, but all of those deceived and distracted by social media and the world.

To do penance:  Maybe to sit in the ashes of our material consumption and waste.  To fast from all forms of excessive consumption.

To become like a child:  Maybe to become humble.  To depend on the promises of Christ, rather than those of the world, the flesh and the devil.  To surrender ourselves entirely to the Holy Trinity through Our Lady, the Mother of Jesus.  To stop judging and condemning, and trying to be in control, to strive become simple, like the Infant Jesus.

To pray the penitential rosary in a spirit of penance and reparation:  Maybe to pray for authentic repentance while we pray for the conversion of sinners who have no one to pray for them   Rather than concern ourselves with who does what, pray in repentance.  The Publican never lifted his eyes to heaven, nor did he look about him to find someone worse than himself.  Repentance is not real when we point the blame on others, or call out their sins.  It lacks humility - and tit seems to me this is at the heart of the message given by Sr. Sasagawa's angel.

After the bomb - Hiroshima.