Thursday, November 04, 2021

Do not fund the enemies of the Church.


Fr. Z has an update on Fr. James Jackson.

I reprint it here:

UPDATE 4 November 2021:

From what I have heard, Fr. Jackson is now being held on federal charges.  This is not a good development, as it implies that there is something more complicated than simple possession of illegal material.

A GoFundMe campaign had been set up for him and it raised a significant amount, but the campaign was axed by GoFundMe.

While we continue in a presumption of innocence, there is little to see that is positive in this case.   While I believe it is good to harbor a sober, eyes-open optimism, at the same time – in my considered opinion – it is also a good idea to begin to steel ourselves for very bad news.

Please continue to offer prayers for Fr. Jax as well as for all those involved in the investigation of this case.  It is important that the truth be the goal of everything that is done.  We all know that that isn’t always the motive of some in either law enforcement or the legal profession… or the Church. - Fr. Z

Just a couple of comments. 

The investigation leading to an arrest is so thorough and exhaustive, there is no way it can be a 'setup'.  For the arrest to take place there has to be probable cause and evidence.  The fact the priest is held on federal charges is even more serious.  If the feds have evidence, there has to be digital evidence.  And there is.

PROVIDENCE — During their investigation of a Providence priest, police investigators found videos that showed young girls, including infants and toddlers, engaged in sex acts, according to a filing in U.S. District Court, Providence.

Investigators were told the video, which was on a storage device, belonged to Father James W. Jackson, of St. Mary's Church, say federal prosecutors.
The investigation led members of a special police task force to the rectory of St. Mary's Church on Saturday. - The Providence Journal

That is Satanic.  This isn't ordinary sin.  Sins against infants and toddlers?!  Such pure, innocent beings.  It is similar to the gross abuse of the Blessed Sacrament - yet so much worse.  

Fr. Z noted that a Go Fund Me was set up and then removed.  People can do what they want with their money, but a legal defense fund may not always be a good idea.  Reading the charges is so repulsive, I can't even imagine donating.  I think Fr. Altman profited from the fund set up for him, but his case was a canonical case, not a civil or criminal case. Fr. Jackson's Society should be responsible for his defense.

Church Militant is asking for money to pay legal costs for their lawsuit to stage a rally in Baltimore.  The request is on FB and goes like this:

"Please help defray our legal costs and empower Church Militant to fight valiantly in defense of the First Amendment and against these crooked bishops." - Michael Voris

Don't contribute to anti-Catholic causes.  If you are not with the bishop you are not with the Church.  If CM would like to sue the USCCB they can do that - but don't give them money.  There may be corruption within the USCCB, but CM lacks irrefutable evidence of it.  If they had it, they would be in court.

That's all.

Monday, November 01, 2021

So. This guy claims there is a difference between abuse cases in the TLM communities from the NO communities.



Nothing Superfluous

In clear language, Fr. James Jackson was arrested...

Washington, D.C. Newsroom, Oct 31, 2021 / 14:08 pm

Father James Jackson, a priest of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) and pastor of St. Mary’s Church in Providence, Rhode Island, was arrested at the parish on Oct. 30 and charged with three crimes related to child sexual abuse material.

Jackson, 66, was charged with possession of child pornography, transfer of child pornography, and child erotica prohibited, the Rhode Island State Police announced Sunday.

Another priest down. 

This time a Vetus Ordo priest of the FSSP. Fr. Jackson, a retired Marine, was prepared to take his ministry underground. Feeling threatened by the insurmountable cruelty of 'Traditionis custodes' Jackson told his parishioners that if the FSSP was suppressed he would remain a Catholic priest, but retire. "I would instead retire, get a small house with my meager savings and hit the road in some area such as this one, going around celebrating Mass at people’s houses, all underground of course, keeping the Mass alive and waiting for better times."

He posted the following in his bulletin:

“I’ve been asked more than once about whether we should pursue another project, given the hostility of not just the pope but many prelates, clergy, religious and laity to the Vetus Ordo. Could the pope just suppress the FSSP? Yes. And if he did, the bishop of Providence would be left trying to provide for your needs, which would be a daunting task for him. The worst-case scenario would be that we are ordered to leave the diocese and the parish would be closed. Could this happen? Yes. If it did, I’ve already made up my mind what I’m not going to do. I won’t go independent (I’ve seen way too much schism in that department), nor will I join the SSPX (as if they’d have me). I would instead retire, get a small house with my meager savings and hit the road in some area such as this one, going around celebrating Mass at people’s houses, all underground of course, keeping the Mass alive and waiting for better times. As a Society of Apostolic Life, we are very much working on each possibility and are planning how to fight like junkyard dogs, if needed. But more than anything, we trust our Lord 100% that He knew what He is doing when He permitted the Motu Proprio of this pope. Our Lord told us that there is only One Whom we should fear. And it isn’t the pope or some cardinal with a chip on his shoulder about tradition. – By now you’ve heard about the grave restriction of our work in Mexico. It is not 100%, and maybe we can hang on down there for better times, but better times may not be coming. To be honest, I have a feeling that this is the end of our work in Mexico. We will lose many battles, I think. Fraternity priests will be meeting in Nebraska from October 25-29 for a recollection and an ordination. Both Fr. Truong and I will be attending. We need to stand solid and united not just for our society, but also for the faithful we serve. Zoom meetings cannot accomplish this. So, we may not have Masses available for you during that week. Please understand that this might be the last meeting we have together as a Society.” - St. Mary's 

Noble aspirations of an influential member of the Great Resistance. Lord have mercy.

I posted that on my FB page yesterday.  I did so not celebrating the arrest at all. I have been posting on priests outed because of their internet activities.  My last post covered Fr. James Cosgrove - no one had a clue about him. Remember USCCB General Secretary Monsignor Burrill?  These were explicitly gay cases.  I don't know the details of Fr. Jackson's case, but chances are the child porn could be boys - teen boys - and that's gay too.  But who knows at this point?

I wanted to point out that this kind of thing happens in Trad communities and Novus Ordo communities. To priests and lay people of all walks of life, as well as teachers, coaches, politicians and so on. We all know this. Yet traditional/rightwing Catholics and their spokesmen, such as Church Militant and Lifesite continually accuse the bishops and priests of being gay and promoting gay vocations.  They point to the gay-lobby, the secret gay cabal endangering the Church.  They even point to the Novus Ordo as gay and the cause of corruption, accusing even Pope Francis as pro-gay. Yet the case of Fr. Jackson exposes that lie.  Church Militant, Christine Niles has been active trying to expose the SSPX - and now a member of the FSSP is arrested for possessing and sharing child porn.

An online friend commented that Jackson wrote in his bulletin for yesterday, October 31, written just before the arrest: "he refers to the psychosexual immaturity of clerics like Cdl. McCarrick. And he has a positive reference to Fr. George Rutler."  (Recall Rutler was alleged to be accessing gay porn on his computer.)

Again, I'm not mocking, gloating or attempting to shame priests who fall into sin and engage in criminal activity.  I would point out that it isn't a question, or a problem related to the celebration of Mass or the sacraments.  Nor is it a problem with the reforms of Vatican II.  It's not even a problem of admitting homosexuals to seminary and priesthood.  No one.  No one suspected these men I've referred to here.  They maybe even did not know they were attracted to men and boys.  Their sins, their crimes are evil.  

They suppressed their conscience.

We know, as St. James said: "each man is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire." Lust.

The Biblical story of Susanna is all about that which is obviously very commonplace today. Sex-lies-social media: Lust, voyeurism-porn, soft-porn or 'Beefcake', covetousness, infidelity, hypocrisy, lies. How seductive is grace and beauty, it is easy to mindlessly slip into vain rejoicing in natural goods.

The religious men lusting after Susanna were old, respected elders and judges, reputed to be observant in the Law. Their story helps to understand the 'stages' of temptation and sins of the flesh.

They suppressed their consciences;
they would not allow their eyes to look to heaven,
and did not keep in mind just judgments. - Daniel 13

Religious men, cardinals, bishops, priests, even founders of religious orders, even laymen can do this quite easily. Even if they are faithful to their religious obligations. Say their Office, say their prayers, preach, keep their hour of adoration, keeping up appearances while they suppress their consciences.  The old guys - the Judges in the story, suppressed their consciences - they wouldn't look to heaven, that is - they performed their prayers - but perhaps they did not truly pray. To be sure they did not pray in the midst of temptation - and no fear of just judgment for sin could deter them from following their lust. Worse, there was no regard, no respect for the person, for the life of Susanna - in fact they threatened her life.  As the Prophet Daniel exclaimed: beauty has seduced you, lust has subverted your conscience.

Think of that.  Keep that in mind when considering the rash judgement and condemnations many clerics hurl against an erring politician, a person in an irregular relationship attempting to sanctify their lives, or calling for the death penalty, and so on.  Think about how these priests consecrate and receive Communion, while living a double life, yet they want to deny the sacraments to others whose conscience is known to God alone.

Avoid hypocrisy like that.