Thursday, August 05, 2010

Five Favorite Devotions Meme.

I was so tagged!  Thanks Leddy!
I haven't been tagged for anything for so long I was really beginning to feel discriminated against - due to my age of course - ageism is rampant on the internet and I feel blueballed!  (I didn't want to say black because it could be interpreted as racist - and then before you know it - Shelly shows up on your doorstep.  I know!)
So here are my 5 favorite, indispensible devotions:
  1. Mass and Holy Communion and Eucharistic Adoration.
  2. Daily Lectio Divina.
  3. Daily Rosary and mental prayer.
  4. Fasting.
  5. Twice daily examine of conscience and frequent confession.
I tag the following people:

Tom in Vegas
Monsignor Ganswein  (Oh yeah Kat - we're tight.)
Paul Stilwell
Questions I ask myself...  "And this is important why?"
Because spiritual friends share things like this, and we can learn more about devotion and spirituality this way too.  Now raise your hands in praise and testify!  Do ah hear an Amen?


  1. +JMJ+

    Thanks for the tag, old man! =P

  2. It's posted! Thank you for thinking of me:0)

  3. Terry: your list is the "core" of our Rule of Life! No kidding!

  4. Ganswein?? Really? Boy, I better behave myself if you're tight with that dude...

  5. Leddy - I was just pretending.

    Father - should I enter then? Kidding - the monastery would be supressed within days. LOL!

  6. I just love the way the Irish say "Sara.."



  7. Oh, no, Terry.
    Been there, done that.
    You would only bring a great sense of humor and probably, some good corrections!LOL!

  8. Sara: Me, too!
    Nothing like an Irish or British accent...we Midwesterners (esp. here in the "ooh, ta, doo" country of Wisconsin) have such bland, flat pronunciations...I'm now a member of this Tribe, I'm afraid...thirty years of being in Wisconsin (I'm an Illinois native with Southern roots) I hear myself pronouncing words like I "despise"...ah, well. Whatareyougonna do dere?:<P!

  9. Thank you, Terry. Mine is up.


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