Saturday, August 07, 2010

Rainy Days and Saturdays...

Quick thoughts... unedited, uncensored...
Karin Carpenter inspired the 'Rainy Day' title - I never liked her when she was popular - her appeal was too family oriented for me back then - I thought she massacred most songs - oh what she did to Leon Russell's music.  But now that I'm more grown up - I appreciate her a bit more.  I know the music industry is just that, an industry and it works to make money by appealing to all sorts of tastes.
Kind of like pop-Catholicism.  One of the reasons I can get so pissed off about trend in Catholicism is that it is so worldly and manufactured.  Holy and sweet as he was, when Blessed Pope John XXIII said 'open the windows to the world', not only did a ton of religious people strip off their habits and run off to Woodstock, a ton of vermin ran into the Church as well.
Some may ask why do I bother discussing issues like TOB, or wacky priests promoting dubious mystics, or monks and nuns with direct lines to God, or the numerous evangelical-Catholic money making enterprises, and/or all the other crap (sorry Alice) everyone tries to make a living from.  (Don't forget the warning, "There is great gain in religion..." - Paul to Timmy.  Kind of like Pastor Haggard to Oprah, "Hey! Let's start a church in the barn!")
Yeah, so - I'm a little cynical.  There are many reasons for this but chief among them is that I have been fooled more than once by several of these types over the years.  Many 'months' before a lot of my readers even knew what the word Catholic meant, there were similar trends picking up steam - there always have been really.  Yet since the Council it seems there has been one novelty after another devout and enthusiastic souls have run after and promoted this or that as the curriculum of the age.  So I confess I'm a bit jaded - testing the spirits - or discernment is more easily done by the genuinely spiritual man or the one who made a lot of mistakes - in other words experience often times counts more than any degree.
I suppose first and foremost the biggest bill of goods sold were all the non-mandated liturgical changes handed down by bishops and priests and liturgical reformers, upsetting the apple cart to such an extent many Catholics believed no one 'had' to do anything anymore, while Mass became one big hootenanny.  I lived through so many abuses it would make you leave the Church.  I lived through Catholic U's Charles Curran and his disciples - the effects of which we all continue to suffer from.  And as I've mention before, I've lived through confessors and directors who insisted such things as masturbation, pornography, and some sexual acts were not mortal sins - in fact, I was told more than once human beings were incapable of mortal sin.  I lived through homosexual advocates such as Boswell and McNeil and others who spent their lives researching and teaching that homosexuality is not sinful.  So you see, at this point I have had enough false teachings thrown at me, almost tripping me up more times than I'm willing to admit.
So that is why when a bunch of academics and self-promoting new springtime evangelicals come along in procession with laced up bishops and their entourage - I look for the money.  I see the trend.  I see the marketing.  I see the clique.  There is a reason why there are time limits established in the process to canonize a saint, there are reasons why Rome studies and examines 'new' doctrines and spiritual novelties.  Perhaps they missed a few things or were deceived for a time by the likes of Fr. Maciel or that other guy, Duran, the founder of Miles Jesu - but "nothing is hidden that will not be uncovered" as the Gospel makes so very clear.  Remember - the New Testament is filled with warnings about false teachers and new doctrines - therefore to question "where the conflicts and disputes among us originate?" does not mean one is stirring up dissension or passing judgement.
Anyway - all I'm saying is watch out for the bandwagon - be discerning.  If it is too good to be true - it isn't.  And don't blame me for discussing the cliques and factions and institutes - I didn't start any, I don't promote any, nor do I follow any.  I think that is how the Holy Spirit guarded me all of these years.
Art:  Death's Bandwagon.  Detail: The Triumph of Death, Pieter Bruegel the Elder


  1. Yes! Yes! Yes!
    I may be a bit younger than you, Terry, but my experience is very similar these past forty years.
    My consecration to our Lady (through the MI) when I was a wee lad (16 yrs. and not yet a Catholic), I believe, has protected, shielded and drawn me out of all kinds of "cool, neat, happenin'" b.s. in the Catholic circus of these troubling times.
    The meat and drink of serious Catholics, as you posted earlier, HAS to be centered in Holy Mass, Holy Communion, frequent confession, the Rosary, lectio divina, frequent examens, and works of charity. Otherwise, it can become, pardon me, "spiritual masturbation"...and I've seen quite a lot of it, thank you very much.
    The real challenge here, the real call, is to love God first and foremost, to accept His Revealed Word, our Lord Jesus Christ, in His Church, in His Sacred Liturgy, in the Scriptures and teachings of the Church, and make this present to the world, whether in solitude or in generous service of others.
    All this other crap (false mystics, dissenting bishops and priests, crazy liturgies, spiritualities with no real foundation in the teachings, traditions of the Church) will just give folks a "sugar-high", send them off to more conferences, buying all kinds of bogus books, cd's, videos, etc...and leave them starving...
    Wow...did I really write all of that? Sorry!

  2. Thanks for everything you said Father - I first made my total consecration through the MI too! So long ago: Yes indeed, I'm convinced it has been the Immaculata who has 'preserved the dogma of faith' in our souls. May She and Her Son be praised forever and ever.

  3. Nazareth Priest - everyone's a bit younger than Terry except for me. That's why he lets me hang around.

    Terry - another fine post. Having returned to the Church via SSPX, I too have seen more than my fair share of the garbaaaaggge floating around.

    I really think the changes to the liturgy effectively delayed my return by at least 10 or so years.

    As you know my remedy is to stay as far from the cr*p as I can. As to the rest? Let God sort it out. That's His job...

  4. Oh, yes - as to Karen? I didn't like her either and then I got really, really old and discovered she really did have one of the best voices, evah...

  5. Good advice Adrienne.

  6. All the new fads in the Church over the years have given me arthritic ears!

    Enough already! Leave me to my mysteries.

    I am off to Wales in the morning. I may be gone some time. Think of me, once in a while.

  7. shadowlands: I'm envious.
    Would love to be in Wales...I think my Hopkins relatives come from there.
    A blessed trip!

  8. Have a great trip Shadowlands! I will miss you - come back stronger!

  9. nazareth priest!!!!

    Hopkins relatives as in Anthony?
    As in the 1993 shadowlands film?
    As in only my most favouritest ever film ever, ever, ever ( well apart from the 1985 made for television adaptation)?

    If so, you have just become my favourite blogger Priest. ( but for the most transient of reasons, I suppose).

    If not, you're running joint second with a priest from the UK. ;)

    Only joking, I'm like God, I don't have favourite priests. They're all equally precious sons.

    Thankyou for the good wishes, I will pray for you, somewhere on your ancestors soil and let you know the exact spot, where, when I get back!

  10. I hope that wasn't blasphemous, the bit about beinbg like God? I didn't mean it that way, but when I just read ut back to myself, it sounds a bit dodgy. Sorry God. I feel awful. I must go and iron my hands now..........

  11. I'll miss you too Terry, but I am only going for a few days in reality. I just wanted to sound like Scott of the Antarctic when I said "I may be gone some time"

    I shall think of you all, whilst I am gone. And pray that you all stay safe under Our Mother's Mantle. Won't heaven be great if we all behave and get there in one blogging group? Please God. We'll have such a scream! Aaaaaaaaaaagh.
    Sorry, I always go especially mad, just before a holiday break.

  12. I had a MAJOR slam to me the other day when a "well-meaning" individual said to me "All you Protestant converts are turning the Catholic Church into a Protestant Church.."

    At first I was more than a bit miffed--how dare this person question my spirituality..they're nothing but a radTrad all bent outta shape because not every single Mass is a Latin Mass. I like my NO Mass...ahem very much like my old Presbyterian service, with songs that I knew and could sing along with, in a language that I could understand and could pray along with the preacher/priest..even the vestments are pretty close to being the same..when my old Presbyterian church still had vestments...

    And I still keep alot of my Protestant faith..the songs and Scriptures I learned in Sunday School, my prayer life, and Bible studies..I didn't unlearn all this stuff when I became Catholic.

    The church evagelizes, and she will get newcomers, and we bring our new ideas and ways of doing things, and the old farts sit on the sidelines and whine and complain. "Boy I sure wish we had the good ol days back."

    JPII the Great brought forth a generation of young people in the Church--we love the Church, Mother Mary, what everything represents. Unfortunately, when he went onto his great reward we are no longer being nutured by our Good Shepard...but I think he passed the torch to us to carry on, and to keep his mojo going.

    Plain and simple--and many agree with me--if the Catholic Church was all Latin, I would not be a Catholic..

    In the harvest there will alwasy be a few apples with worms and rotten can toss them or cut them up and make applesauce out of them..but the rest of us are doing well We do need to be aware of the wolves in sheep's clothing, and pray for wisdom and discernment.


    P.S. we have thunderstorms here too...glad I got my motorcycle ride in this morning...and yes I walked into my Catholic Church with my biker vest on :)

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  14. Hey, Sara: I was a Prod eons ago (it never took!)...Methodist, to be exact.
    Those comments you mention are hard to read; sometimes, it may be that someone has a harder time being "integrated" into the Catholic culture, so to speak.
    But that is not necessarily the rule.
    If it were not for the formation I received as a "wee lad" at my grannies' knee and my grandpa's example (he was a preacher), I don't know where I'd be today...sometimes I'll break out into song with the community...
    "And He walks with me and He talks with me, and He tells me that I am His own..."; or "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam..."; or "The B-I-B-L-E, yes, that's the book for me!..."...etc.LOL!
    They just look at me and go "well, whatever, Fr.!!" But that's where I learned to love the Lord.
    And now I love Him in His Church.
    Can't say I agree with the Latin thingy...but I do understand...I've spoken it, studied it, prayed it, for over thirty years. It takes some time and adjustment on that score.
    And shadowlands: can't claim I'm a relative of Sir Anthony Hopkins;
    but the kin do come from Wales. That I know!

  15. Methodists make some of the best Catholics I know, and that's a fact!

    Presbyterians are the best preachers though. I remember Mr Wilson's sermons at the Church in Scotland I used to attend, as well as Mass. Fiery stuff, called a spade a shovel, Love it!!

    I've also gone to Baptist Sunday school, Pentecostal services and Anglican. My dad was very ecumenical!

    I've been involved with many christian religions at one time or another. Even once went to Kingdom Hall, but that was to do with a boy called Spencer, rather than any religios leanings.

    I've wandered back to Rome now. I missed Our Lady too much.

    I still have a bit of each of the other churches in my veins.

  16. Anonymous8:09 PM

    Terry, I was thinking the same things today--were you inside my head (ala "Inception")? :-P

    But the insidious cultish group preying upon the devout faithful that got me thinking today is the group "America Needs Fatima". BAAAAAAAAD group. My sister and her hubby had personal experience with this satanic, demonic, group. Warning to everyone: STAY AWAY FROM "AMERICA NEEDS FATIMA".

    It boils my blood to think how they use Our Lady's name to their ends and purposes! ughhh.

    You should post aobut them some day. Not many people know they are condemned and bad, bad, bad news. Unity Publishing has a good expo on them, among other places.

  17. It just shocks me when sincere, faithful Catholics get sucked into false visionaries and wackado spiritual practices. I always think to myself, how can they not see the problem with this? I think its because people have a lot of unmet spiritual and emotional needs.

    This is the only blog where I get a dose of sanity on these subjects. Thanks for addressing them. You're right on the mark.

    I had to smile as I read the comments. I made the consecration through the MI too.

  18. ck - that is so cool! MI rocks!

    Gette - someone who comments here is from that group - but I know they won't read this. So any way - I know!

  19. TFP is behind "America needs Fatima"; and it, is, in fact, a cult.
    Their founder is a real psycho...had his mother 'canonized' with a new version of the "Hail Mary"(I'm not kidding)...and his followers used to venerate his hat placed on a chair (again, not kidding...E. Michael Jones documented this in "Fidelity" years ago).
    It's a very strange the core of their beliefs, they only accept the "Tridentine Mass", yet they despise priests and prefer to receive Holy Communion outside of Mass (consecrated, of course at a "Tridentine Rite Mass").
    Sounds like lunacy?
    Am I exaggerating or giving false info?
    It's a strange world we live in; the Church today is especially strange.
    I don't get it; but then, again, I'm outside of the loop on most things.
    Terry: we watched "Moonstruck" last night (I love this movie!)...all I can think of is, "Snap outta it!"

  20. +JMJ+

    You have no idea how much I wish I had written this.

  21. Anonymous6:24 AM

    Fantastic post, Terry. :)

  22. Terry, you are right about the "enthusiasms", personal agendas, and non-mandated changes that have come down the pike over the years.
    About the EF, I have good memories of the Latin Mass and would be more than glad to attend an EF Mass, if I didn't have to hang out with rad-trads to do it (yeah I know my prejudices are showing!). Besides that I don't own a hat, and my mantilla was full of holes last time I took it out of the dresser drawer.
    My kids have let me know that they wouldn't be caught dead going to a Latin Mass; everybody knows the Mass is supposed to be in English! (they don't like anybody moving their cheese, seems like we've come full circle).

  23. Aceman12:08 PM

    I kinda see what you're talking about Terry, especially in all this "Theology of the Body" hype that is popping up more and more around the Church. There's money to be made everywhere I guess.

    On a better note, one thing that struck me from the sermon today was that, "the font and altar are the two pillars of our journey as Christians, with the rest of journey in between." Gave me much to consider. Wish you could have heard the rest of it. Fr. Deacon Robert rocks!


  24. I had no idea about ANF with TFP! SO GLAD I read this (as I am about every other post and comment written here). I get their emails all the time. I have no idea how they got my address. Will have to read more on that expo mentioned above...


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