Friday, August 06, 2010

Pictures of what I'm cooking...

My friend SF suggested I could post pictures of what I am cooking when I have nothing to blog about.


  1. Terry, you silly!LOL!!

  2. RATS!!! I should have taken a photo (with my camera phone of course) of the lovely salmon dinner I had at my dinner date tonight...

    But that might have resulted in an odd look and a "Excuse me, I need to use the men's room.."

    And not return.. :)

    And then I could post on Crescat's blog on how to totally blow the perfect date.. :)

    But I didn't so I won't, and my date went GREAT!!


    P.S. I'm just about as totally psyched about my new way cool wireless mouse for my laptop!! How did I live without this??

  3. And...
    this is what it looks like on many farms in this area around October or so...
    they kill the pigs...
    and then make sausage!
    And each family has its own recipe.
    Often, we are the recipients of the "sausage fiesta" (German-Bohemian, if you will)...
    They are very good.
    They also make "dumplings"...they look like baseballs (lots of flour; a bit of potatoes)...but these "whoppers" are more than substantial; one will constipate you for a week (unless you eat the required sauerkraut--made and fermented in basins kept in the darkened basements)...
    the fried dumplings are out of this world good.
    Anway...I'm hungry now!!

  4. Father! Father! That looks sooo good! Please give us the recipe!

  5. Charlotte: I'll give it a try...stay tuned...I'll have to get my "spies" on it; family secrets (the good kind!) if you know what I mean...
    and just a note: my kitchen looks a lot worse than this when I'm goin' at it (usually four or five things at once..I'm my mother's son...ADD rules in our family!)'s a disaster.
    No clean, organized or beautiful photos from this kitchen...just chaos and anarchy;
    but the food gets cooked; the dishes get done (thank you, Br. organized keeper of the house!), the vegetables get frozen, whatnot.
    That's life from this monastery.
    It's organized chaos but we have fun, most of the time:<)!


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