Saturday, August 06, 2016

Transfiguration ... Mystery of Light

Peter Paul Rubens

I think of this mystery as light ... I think of a great light, a luminous cloud.  At Fatima, in one of the first apparitions of the Angel, the children described the apparitions as light: In the middle of that light appeared a cloud in the form of a young man.  Later when Our Lady appeared, Sr. Lucia described it:  "In that light which was God" - the children at Fatima experienced it as such when Our Lady opened her arms.  "And we saw in an immense light that is God ..."

It's difficult to paint light without losing the figure - but I like abstract images which do that, I think they effect the sense that you are caught up in the light, in the cloud, as it were.

The Prayer of Recollection can be like this ... it seems to me St. Peter indicates it so when he speaks of the 'prophetic message' - "You do well if you pay attention to this as you would to a light shining in a murky place ..."  That light which is God - shinning in the depths of my soul.  

August 6 1945

Friday, August 05, 2016

"A quien tiene una desviación sexual, la Iglesia quiere ayudarle a controlarla, no a entregarse a ella"

Works for me.

"A quien tiene una desviación sexual, la Iglesia quiere ayudarle a controlarla, no a entregarse a ella"
"entregarse": to surrender, to give in, to devote oneself
"Whoever has sexual deviation, the Church wants to help you control it , not to surrender to it." - Mexican Bishops

It totally works for me.

How does the Church help control it?  The sacraments; confession, communion, spiritual direction and support.  Just exactly like it does for everyone else.  The Church needs to reaffirm that - straight forwardly.  "Let your yes be yes, your no, no - anything else is from the evil one."  Remember our Lord told us that - there can be no deviation.  What's from the evil one?  Remember what Pope Francis just said to the Polish Bishops about gender theory, quoting Pope Benedict: ‘It's the epoch of sin against God the Creator.’  Homosexual sex apes (heterosexual) natural sex - it derogates it... it deviates from it.  'In the beginning it was not so.' (Matthew 19:8).

Excerpts from the original article (Google translate):

It is said that the Church discriminates against homosexuals, which is false.
In the Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that homosexual relations "can not be approved" (CEC 2357), but it also teaches that homosexuals "must be accepted with respect, compassion and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination should be avoided." (CEC 2358)
Expected of them asks the same as single, divorced or widowed: living in continence, chastity (see CEC 2359). And do not bother asking for it to benefit them . He does not want to be used as mere objects of pleasure, but their inestimable dignity of children of the heavenly Father is respected.
The identity of a human being can not be your sexual appetite. It is , above all, the son of God, has gifts, qualities, is a member of a family, a society. Identified only by his sexual inclination, allowing you define it, it is limited.
The Church believes that sex is an expression of love between a man and a woman, who give each other completely. Such delivery must be sustained by God, who gives spouses the grace to love as He loves them , be faithful and stay together until death do us part.
Marriage within the true fullness reaches sexual relationship, which sanctifies the spouses in a mutual self - giving open to life.
Out of Wedlock intercourse satisfying moment but leaves a spiritual void.
Many gay believers who marry end up turning away from God. Like Adam and Eve, knowing sin, they hide from their Lord, jeopardize their salvation.
Thus the Church, looking with compassionate understanding all homosexuals, cares for them and urges them to strive to live in continence and chastity, strengthened by the sacramental help.
When Pope Francis said, "If a gay person approaches God and has good will, who am I to criticize" was not endorsing homosexual relationship, but inviting homosexuals to come closer to God and experience the joy and peace to remold his life to the divine will.  - source
Like I said, works for me.

Madonna della Neve

Happy Birthday Timmy.

Fr. Z's fashion tips ...

Pacelli in mink.

Looks like Fr. Z's 'stole fees' may be going up....

"I think the only stoles that a woman should ever wear are mink."  - Fr. Z 

Concerned about new committee appointments by Pope Francis to study the question of women deacons, Fr. Z conceded that he is quite busy "digging around for insights into other members."

Great use of time.

Is that a Mustela erminea lined cappa?

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Something to think about.

I think many people online, especially those on the 'minor sites' may be mentally ill. Others may be so isolated, enclosed or entrenched by some form of idiosyncratic ecclesiology, that they are unable to tolerate reality, control their anger, or recover from some sense of betrayal.  In what I can only interpret as desperation, they lash out at others who disagree, disapprove, or threaten their reformist ideals.

They often seem to lack meekness and humility.   They believe they are being charitable when they condemn, but just about everything they write contradicts that notion.

Sometimes I can't laugh it off - these bloggers are meddlesome trouble makers.  Gossips.  The Pope talks about these types.  Some are priests.  They suffer from the remembrance of wrongs and have a lot of anger.  They also seem to be obsessed with social media, perhaps because they lack an appropriate venue to exercise their ministry, or achieve recognition - and it becomes a sort of bully-pulpit to release the aggression that has built up.  Alcohol can exacerbate the situation.

I may be wrong.  These folks may simply be nuts.

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Looks like Trump may have the women's vote in the bag...

"I respect women, I love women, I cherish women."
- Trump

Just this week he expressed his support for women who are sexually harassed in the workplace.

"I would like to think she would find another career or find another company if that was the case." Trump on how he'd expect his daughter to react after experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace - she wouldn't put up with it.

Homosexualized Stations of the Cross at WYD ... Oh my!

"Now what could be more wholesome or natural?" - M. Dennis

A friend sent me the story this morning asking me what I thought.

First of all, I didn't know it was a story.  Second, I'm not really into 'dance' except for Raves with my cat and we just go nuts - we both love techno, dance-trance, but I digress.

Song for this post here.

So anyway ...

I don't know.  It's Europe - it's Poland - it's art.  Who cares?

As I told my friend who sent me the story:  As regards the performance, even if it was 'gay' - the critics are saying it in a bad way - like, 'that's so gay' - know what I mean? What if the dancers were Courage members and really just 'SSA'?

My point being - what if the men were simply professional dancers, what if dance is their art form, their career?  Dancers - classical and modern are usually in great physical shape, and they wear form fitted clothing - since modern dance is very much about how the body moves, grace and beauty, in other words, 'body works'?  Not my taste - but give me a break.  Stop the video for a salacious screen shot and behold ...

One comment on the site condemning the Stations performance made me laugh:
"St Peter Damian, pray that we be delivered of spandex covered bulges."

I hope she doesn't watch the Olympics when they air - there will be a lot of body works at the events.  Watch out for the Speedos on the swimmers and divers, and OMGOSH! - those tights on the gymnasts.   Oh! Oh! Don't watch the extremely homosexualized Greco-Roman wrestlers either.

Seriously folks, there are bigger things to worry about.  Like 'ad orientem' - just turn East - and see ISIS coming.

Homosexualized Circus performers for Pope Benedict?

Alfred Delp is another model for those of us who resist.

More and more I am convinced that Catholics need to be in the forefront of the resistance to the immoral politics of the United States.

Catholics have the option to simply not vote for any candidate in an election where both candidates of both primary parties are odious to the conscience. This is not a decision to be taken lightly and it is one only that can only be justified after weighing the totality of the circumstances.

This should discount the canard that “failing to vote” will hand the election to one candidate who may be even more objectionable. This is often presented with the claim that if Catholics don’t vote for Trump, they are helping elect Clinton. That is false. - Source

Now is not the time for pretending. 

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Bad language online...

This is nothing compared to today.

Austin Ruse has an excellent post "Catholics Who Drop F-Bombs with Aplomb".

I've written about this vulgar habit before, in my award winning post The Dirty Low-Down: The F-Word Online and Other Vulgarities,  Nevertheless, I left the following comment on Mr. Ruse's essay:

Thanks for this post. I hate the 'f' word. Little kids use it - which means the parent(s) use it. Adults know exactly what it means, and kids learn the etymology very quickly - because it can be used in sexual relations. It's a vicious word, a revolting word. Which is often why it is used in the most unrelated context, such as - 'you're so effing cute' - degrading and corrupting even the most innocent compliment. It is used more graphically by those hardened by vice - using such terms as 'mother ------' and so on. It's use by well educated, intelligent persons suggests to me it is not quite so much about a limited vocabulary as it is about moral permissiveness and a lack of virtue and respect for the dignity of persons.

It's pretty much why I had to stop reading women's blogs.  So many seem to be authored by the type of woman one might meet in a bowling alley or roadside bar ... 


I understand you're having problems with an obscene phone caller?
Now what exactly does this sick individual say to you?

    Santa Maria Degli Angeli - Porziuncola

    Prayer of St. Francis

    “I ask that all those who, 
    having repented and confessed, 
    will come to visit this church 
    will obtain full and generous pardon 
    with a complete remission of guilt.”

    The Great Pardon of Assisi

    Don't pick it apart.  Don't simply break it down to conditions and rules - let them alone, let those who love such things, store them up for themselves.  Don't be intimidated by what seems to be difficult requirements.


    Seek pardon.  That is what the Great Pardon is all about.  That is what St. Francis, in his Gospel simplicity, prayed for, longed for, and implored the Blessed Virgin for.  He stipulated 'for those who repent and confess' of course - but he prayed for the salvation of all souls who would come, hoping in this divine condescension.  He submitted everything to the decision of the Church.  I think he may have bargained secretly in his heart, for as long as time exists - to obtain the necessary grace and/or dispositions for those too weak to do more than repent and confess ... I may be wrong.


    Trust in the Divine Mercy.  Do not let anyone stop you or discouraged you.

    Throw yourself upon the mercy of God.


    Have confidence - great confidence.  Believe, and it will be given you - generous measure, pressed down, shaken together, flowing over ... beyond all imagining.  One confession can make us a saint.  One Communion, longingly, fervently received can do even more than we can ask or imagine.  There is no limit to Divine Mercy.

    Go with all the love in your heart, with deepest sorrow for sin - and implore pardon for your sins and every attachment to sin.  God will never reject that kind of prayer.

    St. Francis, pray for me, a sinner.

    Santa Maria degli Angeli,
    pray for us sinners,
    now and at the hour
    of our death.

    The Little Way of Donald Trump: Special gifts for Catholics for Trump ...

    Available downstairs at Tiffany's
    Starting at $1200 

    Sacrifice Beads

    As a child, Mr. Trump was given a string of beads with 
    which to count his sacrifices and other acts of show. 
    In that way he was able to advance in self-esteem daily
     by conscious effort to eliminate competition with peers 
    and to acquire great pride in his accomplishments. 

    Genuine natural pearl Sacrifice Beads mimic the Donald's little string. 
    Simply pull a bead each time you make an act of love for Mr. Trump 
    or an act of sacrifice for love of self!  
    Makes a perfect gift for first, second, or third wives, paramours, 
    call girls, female employees or even sexy daughters.

    "I've made a lot of sacrifices."

    Order your Sacrifice Beads now!

    Count up your sacrifices just like Donald Trump does,
    or just sacrifice your integrity for him.

    Monday, August 01, 2016

    Weather report for Minneapolis today ...

    It's getting very warm and quite humid - but it is also cloudy and quite windy.

    Should I water in the wind?

    Probably not.  But if you have grass seed down - you will still need to hand water.

    Should I put on sunscreen even if it is cloudy?

    At your age and the way you look - I wouldn't worry about it.

    What should I do about my hair?

    Should I go out and water right now?

    Yes, you should.  And stay out.

    Thank you for tuning in. 

    At the sound of the Angelus bell at noon on August 1, one may gain the Portiuncula Indulgence...

    Under these conditions:

    The Portiuncula Indulgence, granted for August 2, can be obtained by any member of the faithful (not just a Franciscan) who visits any parish church (not necessarily a Franciscan Church), a cathedral, or a co-cathedral from noon on August 1 to midnight of August 2 and who satisfies the 3 regular conditions of sacramental confession, Eucharistic communion, and a prayer for the pope’s intentions within several days preceding or following the particular date, and performing the prescribed work attached to the devout visit to that church, i.e., praying the Lord’s Prayer and Creed. - Source

    If you are worried that may not be correct, that the rules have changed - then make your visit tomorrow - August 2 midnight to midnight.

    If you are concerned you are not free from all attachment to sin, even to venial sin, make an Act of Hope and leave it to Our Lord and Our Lady to decide.  Tell them you want to be free from all attachment to sin.

    Believe in love.
    Believe in mercy.

    Pray for us O Holy Father St. Francis!

    Pray for me to obtain pardon.
    Pray for me for the grace of repentance,
    Pray for me to obtain pardon.
    Pray for me to do penance.
    Pray for us O Holy Father St. Francis,
    that we may be worthy of the
    promises of Christ,
    and through the intercession of 
    the Blessed Virgin Mary
    obtain the Great Pardon of Assisi
    and the Jubilee Indulgence.

    In thanksgiving for favors granted:
    Glory be to the Father
    and to the Son 
    and to the Holy Spirit
    as it was in the beginning,
    is now, and ever shall be,
    world without end.  Amen. 

    Toonces would never do this: Dog crashes car into Walmart

    "Now you boys stay in the car, and mommy will be right out!"

    The story:
    A witness tells WSAZ she was standing in front of the store when she noticed a car started moving from its parking space at the front of the lot in her direction. 
    The woman says the car slowly moved straight toward her, and she at first guessed the driver was someone she knew who was messing with her. 
    That is until she noticed the face of the driver was a dog's. 
    The woman got out of the way, and the car crashed into the store. 
    She says a second dog was in the passenger seat, and after the wreck that dog somehow managed to roll the window down. 
    The store paged the owner of the car, who turned out to be a woman the witness described as looking to be in her late 70s. 
    The car owner said she left the car running while she went into the store so the dogs could stay cool, and the dog had managed the get the car out of park. - Source

    Puppies from a local daycare, at Walmart to be fitted 
    for Buddy-belt leashes,
    watched the entire thing.  
    Critical incident stress management counselors 
    were called to the scene to help the
    little guys calm down.


    Sunday, July 31, 2016

    St. Ignatius of Loyola

    Conversion of St. Ignatius, Miguel Cabrera

    Today is the feast of St. Ignatius.

    Prayers for all Jesuits today, and the Pope.  Happy feast day and thank you for your devotion, fidelity and ministry.

    “If our church is not marked by caring for the poor, 
    the oppressed, the hungry, we are guilty of heresy.” 
    - Ignatius of Loyola

    The Holy Father in Poland for WYD

    The Holy Father stood, like a Stylite for a very long time
    before the Blessed Sacrament last night.

    I watched some of the coverage, and was deeply moved by the devotion of all.

    I was especially impressed by the Holy Father's understanding of young people - his focus and zeroing in on the temptations they face in our 'new age'.  The temptation to seek one's comfort and to zone out, living online - not caring beyond 'virtue-signalling' sentiments on social media, and so on.  He challenged youth.  I couldn't help wonder about how many conversions, vocations, and saints will emerge from this WYD in particular.  Those present seemed to receive the Holy Father's message with more enthusiasm than their jaded-adult counterparts online, who are always so quick to criticize and even condemn the Holy Father.

    When it comes to Jesus, we cannot sit around waiting with arms folded; he offers us life – we can’t respond by thinking about it or “texting” a few words!
    Dear young friends, don’t be ashamed to bring everything to the Lord in confession, especially your weaknesses, your struggles and your sins. He will surprise you with his forgiveness and his peace. Don’t be afraid to say “yes” to him with all your heart, to respond generously and to follow him! Don’t let your soul grow numb, but aim for the goal of a beautiful love which also demands sacrifice. Say a firm “no” to the narcotic of success at any cost and the sedative of worrying only about yourself and your own comfort.
    People will try to block you, to make you think that God is distant, rigid and insensitive, good to the good and bad to the bad. Instead, our heavenly Father “makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good” (Mt 5:45). He demands of us real courage: the courage to be more powerful than evil by loving everyone, even our enemies. People may laugh at you because you believe in the gentle and unassuming power of mercy. But do not be afraid. Think of the motto of these days: “Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy” (Mt 5:7). People may judge you to be dreamers, because you believe in a new humanity, one that rejects hatred between peoples, one that refuses to see borders as barriers and can cherish its own traditions without being self-centered or small-minded. Don’t be discouraged: with a smile and open arms, you proclaim hope and you are a blessing for our one human family, which here you represent so beautifully! - Pope Francis

    The tabernacle-monstrance was beautiful.
    It reminded me of the cabinet-ark in Synagogues
    wherein the Torah is contained.
    When opened, the tabernacle seen above, 
    revealed the monstrance depicting 
    Our Lady of Mercy,
    in a tree-like design, immediately reminding me
    of the ancient antiphon:
    In the bush seen by Moses,
    we recognize your glorious virginity,
    O Mother of God ...
    At the center, at the level of the Sacred Heart
    of the Divine Mercy image,
    the Body, Blood,
    Soul, and Divinity
    of Christ
    was exposed for all
    to adore 
    and turn to
    Divine Mercy.

    Church lady ...

    Rushing home from Mass to post online.