Saturday, March 15, 2014

You know what amazes me?

The Muppets.

Seriously.  They are supposed to be puppets, but I think not.  The Great Gonzo was just interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel.  He walked out by himself, sat in the chair by himself - no puppeteer in sight - and talked.  That wasn't a puppet.

I. Was. Fascinated.

Toronto mayor Rob Ford was on that night too.

Kimmel likes him.

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Canned Pope

Berlin, Germany-based artist Miriam Jonas sculpts detailed portraits of popes out of Play-Doh in fish tin cans.

How cool is that?  They remind me of South American relicarios.

Some consumers do not know that what they throw away can be turned into art by third world type people.  Haitians and other poor people often make decorative objects out of tin cans and scrap metal.  Some Latinos make retablo and relicarios out of such recyclables.

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Poetry Saturday

The Hangman
by Maurice Ogden

Stanza 1

Into our town the Hangman came, smelling of gold and blood and flame. And he paced our bricks with a diffident air. And built his frame on the courthouse square.
The scaffold stood by the courthouse side, only as wide as the door was wide; a frame as tall, or little more, than the capping sill of the courthouse door.
And we wondered, whenever we had the time, who the criminal, what the crime, that Hangman judged with the yellow twist of knotted hemp in his busy fist.
And innocent though we were, with dread we passed those eyes of buckshot lead; till one cried: "Hangman, who is he for whom you raise the gallows-tree."
Then a twinkle grew in the buckshot eye, and he gave us a riddle instead of reply: "He who serves me best," said he, "Shall earn the rope on the gallows-tree."
And he stepped down, and laid his hand on a man who came from another land and we breathed again, for another's grief at the Hangman's hand was our relief.
And the gallows-frame on the courthouse lawn by tomorrow's sun would be struck and gone. So we gave him way, and no one spoke, out of respect for his hangman's cloak.

Stanza 2

The next day's sun looked mildly down on roof and street in our quiet town and, stark and black in the morning air, the gallows-tree on the courthouse square.
And the Hangman stood at his usual stand with the yellow hemp in his busy hand; with his buckshot eye and his jaw like a pike and his air so knowing and businesslike.
And we cried: "Hangman, have you not done, yesterday, with the alien one?" Then we fell silent, and stood amazed: "Oh, not for him was the gallows raised."
He laughed a laugh as he looked at us: "Did you think I'd gone to all this fuss to hang one man? That's a thing I do to stretch the rope when the rope is new."
Then one cried, "Murderer!" One cried, "Shame!" And into our midst the Hangman came to that man's place. "Do you hold," said he, "With him that was meant for the gallows-tree?"
And he laid his hand on that one's arm, and we shrank back in quick alarm, and we gave him way, and no one spoke out of fear of his hangman's cloak.
That night we saw with dread surprise the Hangman's scaffold had grown in size. Fed by the blood beneath the chute the gallows-tree had taken root;
Now as wide, or a little more, than the steps that led to the courthouse door, as tall as the writing, or nearly as tall, halfway up on the courthouse wall.

Stanza 3

The third he took — we had all heard tell — was a usurer and infidel, And: "What," said the Hangman, "have you to do with the gallows-bound, and he a Jew?"
And we cried out: "Is this one he who has served you well and faithfully?" The Hangman smiled: "It's a clever scheme to try the strength of the gallows-beam."
The fourth man's dark, accusing song had scratched out comfort hard and long; and "What concern," he gave us back, "Have you for the doomed - the doomed and black?"
The fifth.The sixth. And we cried again: "Hangman, Hangman, is this the man?" "It's a trick," he said, "that we hangmen know for easing the trap when the trap springs slow."
And so we ceased, and asked no more, as the Hangman tallied his bloody score; and sun by sun, and night by night, the gallows grew to monstrous height.
The wings of the scaffold opened wide till they covered the square from side to side; and the monster cross-beam, looking down, cast its shadow across the town.

Stanza 4

Then through the town the Hangman came and called in the empty streets my name - and I looked at the gallows soaring tall and thought: "There is no one left at all for hanging, and so he calls to me to help pull down the gallows-tree." And I went out with right good hope to the Hangman's tree and the Hangman's rope.
He smiled at me as I came down to the courthouse square through the silent town, and supple and stretched in his busy hand was the yellow twist of the hempen strand.
And he whistled his tune as he tried the trap and it sprang down with a ready snap— and then with a smile of awful command he laid his hand upon my hand.
"You tricked me, Hangman!" I shouted then. "That your scaffold was built for other men. And I no henchman of yours," I cried, "You lied to me, Hangman, foully lied!"
Then a twinkle grew in his buckshot eye: "Lied to you? Tricked you?" he said, "Not I. For I answered straight and I told you true: The scaffold was raised for none but you.
"For who has served me more faithfully than you with your coward's hope?" said he, "And where are the others that might have stood side by your side in the common good?"
"Dead," I whispered; and amiably "Murdered," the Hangman corrected me; "First the alien, then the Jew... I did no more than you let me do."
Beneath the beam that blocked the sky, none had stood so alone as I - and the Hangman strapped me, and no voice there cried "Stay" for me in the empty square.

H/T Love the Girls guy.

This is what taken out and shot looks like.
It happened before the biological final solution was implemented.


Thursday, March 13, 2014

I would like to take back everything I gave up for Lent today.

But I won't - God willing.

And that's a sacrifice too.

Although I could condemn my neighbor or be unkind to someone, and my sacrifice would count for nothing.

Be kind to one another - it's better than any sacrifice.

So you are worried about the Disney film "Frozen"?

There may be a 'subtle homosexual message' embedded in the film?


You just now happen to notice Disney might be in the propaganda business?  That they might be amongst the 'change agents' actively promoting our brave new world?

Media is saturated.  

Wake up.  All of us are subjected to the same in your face media manipulation the kids are exposed
 to ...


Don't forget that Disney created and nurtured the personas which became Lindsay Lohan, Brittney Spears, Miley Cirus, and others.  Disney owns ABC.  Disney is a media giant.

“You wonder sometimes, I’m not a tinfoil hat conspiratorialist, but you wonder sometimes if maybe there’s something very evil happening here.” - Christian radio host Kevin Swanson


Obviously, diligent Christian parents may censor what their kids watch, listen to, and read - right?  Maybe.  Yet ordinary people, working parents for instance, through no fault of their own may sometimes have very little control over what their kids are exposed to outside of the home.  Their kids may have teachers, mentors - coaches, counselors - as well as peers, who buy into the liberal-socially progressive-Disneyesque mindset, or 'new world order'.

Just sayin'.

Christion Post writer refutes the gay propaganda claim here.


I love this song so much! Makes me "Happy"!


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

More on Gender Ideology:

Looks like someone is paying attention...

Deacon Fournier for Catholic Online:

Gender is a gift and the dangers of the Gender identity Movement must be exposed and opposed.
The Gender Identity Movement insists upon recognition in the civil law of the State a new found, manufactured right to choose one's gender, and then to change ones mind, at any time. The proponents insist upon civil laws which accommodate, fund, and enforce this new right. Those involved in the activist wing of the movement want to compel the rest of society to recognize their vision of a brave new world or face the Police Power of the State. This is cultural insanity. Pope Emeritus Benedict was absolutely correct, "the profound falsehood of this theory and of the anthropological revolution contained within it is obvious." The Bishops of Poland were correct in warning the faithful of the dangers of the gender identity movement. Gender is a gift and the dangers of the Gender identity Movement must be exposed and opposed. - Deacon Fournier
Click to read the entire piece, it is well written and rather comprehensive.

Want to learn more about genderqueer, gender ideology?  Consider sending your kids to Fordham!

Our contemporary lifestyle/status quo is unsustainable without contraception and abortion.*

"In the wake of the dictatorships of the 20th century, and after a few centuries of the philosophical glorification of the individual, the highest value in our time is “freedom.” The deregulation of sexual norms has been “sold” to people as part of this freedom." - Gabriele Kuby

Which is why efforts such as the March for Life on Washington is more or less ignored by secular media and politicians.  No one is listening - despite the fact stats suggest surgical abortions are decreasing in number, it could just be an anomaly.  Contraceptive use remains the norm.

No one is listening because it is a matter of women's reproductive rights - the bedrock truth of the feminist movement, with an international, global agenda.

(CNN) – Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used a Friday speech at the United Nations to tie women’s reproductive rights with the broader goal of human development.
“There is one lesson from the past, in particular, that we cannot afford to ignore: You cannot make progress on gender equality or broader human development, without safeguarding women’s reproductive health and rights,” Clinton said near the end of a speech marking International Women's Day. “That is a bedrock truth.” - CNN

To understand Clinton's statement one needs to be aware of, if not study, what happens at the United Nations, as well as in the European Union as concerns the development of policy and law in support of civil and political rights.  Women's reproductive rights is the bedrock of the Human Rights agenda which encompasses and promotes LGBTQ rights internationally.

What's wrong with that?  It sounds fair.  It sounds good.  Yet Clinton unabashedly reveals the shockingly immoral bedrock which is the foundation of a global agenda.  Most ordinary Americans, brainwashed and addicted to the idea of unlimited freedom and liberty and equal rights, have no idea that we have enslaved ourselves to what Pope Benedict XVI understood as the 'dictatorship of relativism'.  Relativism being the ideal climate wherein to cultivate and nurture gender ideology, is not going away.

The deregulation of sexual norms leads to the destruction of culture. Why? Because, as established in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948, the family is the basic unit of society—and it needs some basic moral conditions in which to thrive.

But children—brought up today in a hyper-sexualized society in which they themselves are sexualized by the entertainment industry, the media, and mandatory school programs—are increasingly unable to become mature adults that are up to the demands of marriage, and the obligations of responsible fatherhood and motherhood.

Furthermore, such a hyper-sexualized society cannot do without contraception and abortion. And the outcome of all this is the “culture of death,” a term coined by John Paul II. - Gabriele Kuby

It seems to me we listen, but we do not hear.

We look, but we do not see.

We study, but we do not comprehend.

We talk, but no one listens.

All because we love the comforts of our contemporary lifestyle and standard of living - which is unsustainable without contraception and abortion.


Human Rights and Sexual Orientation in International Law

Gender Ideology - Kuby

H/T Lisa Graas for the Clinton post.
H/T PML for UN studies.

*Although I believe it safe to say, Western Civilization as we know it will collapse with it.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Archbishop Nienstedt cleared and back on the job!

The Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis appreciates today’s announcement by the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office that they have declined to file charges against Archbishop Nienstedt. As a result of today’s announcement, the archbishop will now resume all of his public ministry duties.

“I am thankful to the Saint Paul Police for their thorough investigation, as well as to the Ramsey County Attorney’s office for their professional work regarding this matter. I look forward to returning to public ministry during this Lenten season, especially during Holy Week and the great feast of Easter,” Archbishop Nienstedt said. “While I look forward to my return to public ministry, I remain committed to the ongoing work needed to provide safe environments for all children and youth. I continue to offer my prayers for all victims, their families and their communities, as well as to all who have been harmed by clergy sexual abuse. I once again offer my apology to all who have been affected by these terrible offenses.” - Archdiocese St. Paul/Minneapolis

Thanks be to God!

I'm so glad he is back.

Te Deum laudamus!

Secular report here.

H/T Judy

Pope Francis: "The gender ideology is demonic!" - der Google translation.*

German sociologist Gabriele Kuby.

Interesting story online today - nearly unreadable in the Google translation, but interesting nonetheless.  A friend did more research and came up with some background on Gabriele Kuby and her findings on 'gender ideology' - a subject many are just waking up to and others are learning more about these days.  The quote I use for the title is attributed to Pope Francis - taken out of context of a specific discussion and/or meeting:
Pope Francis has said to my question: "The gender ideology is demonic!" Over the top? No, because they already raped on the way to state laws with its suppression of violence, the nature created by God to the people, "reshape" the people want, and thus shows that your representatives want to be like God by a new, self-invented people "do" want. -
I don't like the results of online translators because the exact sense is rarely worked out and nuance is almost completely lacking - nevertheless the statement attributed to Francis echoes Benedict's 2012 Christmas address:
Gabriele Kuby: Pope Benedict XVI gave a very enlightening speech as part of his Christmas Greetings to the Curia and the Cardinals on December 21, 2012. He spoke then of the “anthropological revolution” of our time, pointing to the “attack we are currently experiencing on the true structure of the family” in the form of a false understanding of man’s sexual nature. 
If man denies that he is created as man and woman in the image of God (Genesis 1:27), and that his sex is a “given element of nature,” and that he is called to love and to give life, then the root of human existence is being destroyed. The “new anthropology” refers to this conception of man. - CWR
 Still think it's crazy talk?  

You think 'coming out' is healthy?  You say "Bravo!" when another celebrity, athlete, or sibling 'comes out' as some form of LGBTQ?  You congratulate a 14 year old girl on her new identity as Stephen Beatty?
Last year, Ira (Stephen) spoke about his identity in a video, saying he identifies as "a trans man, a faggy queen, a homosexual, a queer, a nerd fighter, a writer, an artist and a guy who needs a haircut." He credited his friends and peers as those who have been the most supportive of his transition, a journey he began when he was 14 years old. - Source

It's not a joke.  It isn't a quirky Hollywood fad.  It is not a phase or a passing pop-cultural trend.  It is part of what is called gender mainstreaming.

What's gender mainstreaming?
The term “gender” was introduced into official documents at the UN’s International Conference on Population and Development in 1994 held in Cairo, Egypt, and at the Fourth World Conference on Women in 1995 held in Beijing, China. The idea was to create the linguistic vehicle for a new ideology. “Gender” was to replace the term “sex” in the sense of referring to the binary sexual order of man and woman. Then radical feminist ideas and the LGBT agenda united and gave birth to the idea of “gender mainstreaming.”
The term “gender” implies that a person’s sexual identity need not necessarily be identical to that person’s biological sex. It breaks down the binary male-female sexual nature of human beings. 
This dissolution of the binary sexual nature of man and woman serves two primary purposes: First, it aims to destroy the so-called “gender hierarchy” between man and woman. In other words, there are—according to gender theory—not two but many gender identities, which can include lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transsexual men and women. 
Second, it aims to dissolve heterosexuality as the norm. This gender-based conception of man and woman aims to enter the mainstream of society—and, indeed, this is already happening at an incredible speed. - CWR

The Global Sexual Revolution: Destruction of Freedom in the Name of Freedom. 
In the wake of the dictatorships of the 20th century, and after a few centuries of the philosophical glorification of the individual, the highest value in our time is “freedom.” The deregulation of sexual norms has been “sold” to people as part of this freedom. - Gabriele Kuby

It's nothing to laugh about.

“The ideology of gender presents a threat worse than Nazism and Communism combined.”
- Polish Bishop Pieronek

*UPDATE 3/12/14:  From CF -Mercury: Alternative translation for KathNews Story: This is what Pope Francis has to say to my question: "Gender ideology is demonic!" Andreas Laun, auxiliary bishop of Salzburg, Austria, tells it how it is. 

What the Pope said about Christ in the desert: "He firmly rejects all these temptations ... without compromising with sin and with the logic of the world…"

Who am I to judge a Cardinal of the Catholic Church?
I'm just commenting on the "Dolan effect".

"This is why Jesus, instead of entering into a dialogue like Eve, chooses to take refuge in God's Word and responds with the power of this Word. We should remember this when we are tempted ourselves: do not argue with Satan, always defend ourselves with the Word of God. And this will save us". - Pope Francis VIS

"An overly benign interpretation was given to the homosexual condition itself, some going so far as to call it neutral, or even good." *

I've pretty much stopped reading 'gay and Catholic' blogs - just because I get bored with the endless dialogue and efforts to somehow establish "gay is good" and needs to be recognized as such.

That's already happened - to an extent - especially with Cardinal Dolan's most recent congratulations to Michael Sam for coming out, saying: "Bravo!" "Congratulations!"  The NY Archdiocese issued a statement that the Cardinal didn't mean it that way and that he supports Courage and so on - which may be true, but it doesn't change the impression it made - essentially that "gay is good".  Call it the Dolan effect.  Yet as I said before - the attitude is already prevalent in Catholic parishes and schools: universities and colleges, even the USCCB.  Call it The New Ways Ministry effect.  They're here and they're queer.

What remains is to develop doctrine to support it.

I'm against it.

*From the often ignored, if not rejected "Letter to Bishops ..."

 Explicit treatment of the problem was given in this Congregation's "Declaration on Certain Questions Concerning Sexual Ethics" of December 29, 1975. That document stressed the duty of trying to understand the homosexual condition and noted that culpability for homosexual acts should only be judged with prudence. At the same time the Congregation took note of the distinction commonly drawn between the homosexual condition or tendency and individual homosexual actions. These were described as deprived of their essential and indispensable finality, as being "intrinsically disordered", and able in no case to be approved of (cf. n. 8, $4).

In the discussion which followed the publication of the Declaration, however, an overly benign interpretation was given to the homosexual condition itself, some going so far as to call it neutral, or even good. Although the particular inclination of the homosexual person is not a sin, it is a more or less strong tendency ordered toward an intrinsic moral evil; and thus the inclination itself must be seen as an objective disorder.

Therefore special concern and pastoral attention should be directed toward those who have this condition, lest they be led to believe that the living out of this orientation in homosexual activity is a morally acceptable option. It is not. - CDF

Monday, March 10, 2014

Clarity and Charity at the Argument of the Month: Fr. Paul Check, March 11

Tuesday, March 11

Clarity and Charity: Toward a Clearer Understanding of the Church's Teaching on Homosexuality3/11/2014
From the Pope's recent "who am I to judge?" comment to local and national initiatives to redefine marriage, the issue of homosexuality and "gay rights" have been much discussed in Catholic circles as well as the mainstream media.  We are instructed by Jesus himself to love our neighbor and as regards judgment, he without sin cast the first stone.  But what about those sins crying to heaven for vengeance?  How are we as Catholics to understand the Church's position and how should it shape our conscience and our response to recent events indicating a revolutionary overhaul of the family and consequently the very basis of society?
Join us on March 11 as we host Fr. Paul Check, director of Courage, an apostolate of the Catholic Church ministering to persons with same-sex attractions and their loved ones.  Fr. Check will present a talk entitled "Clarity and Charity: Toward a Clearer Understanding of the Church's Teaching on Homosexuality".

For more information go here.
 I can't make it, but I would encourage everyone who can do so to attend - especially bishops, priests and deacons, and dads.

H/T Badger Catholic (The best Catholic blogger in the area BTW.)

The Holy Father on Retreat...

Cardinal Burke sneaking in at the back.

I'm going to unite my prayer to his - praying with him and for him and the curia on retreat with him.  I love the photo. H/T Fr. Jerabek.

Cardinal Dolan: "So I would say, 'Bravo.'"

Garçon - when you get a chance dear.

"Bravo" for University of Missouri football star Michael Sam for coming out as gay.

"Bravo Cardinal Dolan!"

So just last week I was called out for being too soft on gays and this weekend - on National TV - Dolan praises some guy for coming out.

Bravo for Cardinal Dolan!  For taking that monkey off my back.

So what do I really think?

"Who am I to judge" a Cardinal Archbishop of the Catholic Church?

"Huh?  Who is waiting 
to hear from me?"

Song for this post here.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

The Francis effect? Pastor John Piper implores Christian preachers to avoid "The Seduction of Money".

Roman Catholic "evangelicals" with their own "personal prelatures" take note.

This story certainly sounds like something Pope Francis might approve of, and even recommend:

John Piper, a prominent theologian and pastor, is pleading with his fellow preachers “to avoid the sinful seduction of money.” In a recent installment of his “Ask Pastor John” podcast, Piper offered five pieces of advice for Christian leaders.
His action points were sparked by the recent situation surrounding David Yonggi Cho, pastor and founder of Yoido Full Gospel Church in South Korea, who was recently convicted of embezzling $12 million from the church, the Christian Post reported.
Not the Pope Francis effect?   I don't think it matters - it's just very good advice.  Pastor John's points:
1) “Kill every desire to be rich and get rich”
2) “If you see your income starting to grow, set a governor on it”
  • Piper’s second plea involved keeping away from continuing to acquire more and more money. If a pastor sees increasing income coming in, he said the individual should start donating more to worthy causes. Piper, who claims “money is insidiously deceptive,” said he isn’t impressed with a pastor who tithes 30 percent of a million dollar royalty check, nor is he impressed when a preacher only gives away 90 percent of a $10 million check. Riches, Piper said, lead people down a dangerous path.*
3) “Be totally transparent with your fellow elders from inside your church”
4) “Live simply to show that your treasure is in heaven and not on earth”
5) “Put in place a leadership structure of a plurality of elders”
Read the details here.  God bless Pastor John.
* I added this note because I didn't want you to get 'a governor' mixed up with a 'fundraising thermometer widget'.  
I'm kidding!

The Temptation in the Desert

Such a mystery.

How did the devil appear?  In art he is most often shown as a fallen angel.  I always imagine him to have been more deceitfully seductive, or that he would feign holiness and goodness.  Which is why I prefer representations such as the Juan de Flandes example shown here.