Friday, September 19, 2008

Blog closings...

Admitting we are powerless over the blog.
Lately, many bloggers have decided to stop blogging - closing shop so to speak. I decided I would too - but I kept blogging. So did the others. Isn't that funny? Maybe I'll form a group - B.A. - Blogger's Anonymous. But most people blog anonymously - I mean, how many really reveal who they really are, huh? Not so many.
Well all that is going to change - I'm in treatment for blog addiction and from this post on, this blog is going to be brutally honest!
"Hi! My name is Ken and I'm addicted to blogging!" ("Like my outfit?")
"Hi Ken!"
Cathy is still blogging! Here is the deal folks - people say they are going to quit to get more hits, then they keep blogging hoping other people really will quit - then they will dominate blogdom. They are sick, sick people, and she has Tom and Vincenzo wrapped around her little finger.

Suddenly Last Summer

Fabulous film.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Good news!

This is so cool!
My best friend Jack just got a job with the diocese as a model for the Virtus training program (sex-ed). He will be teaching parts of it - demonstrating the good touch bad touch stuff.

My friend Mark.

He's cool too. He's Catholic too. He knows Jackie Parkes. Did you know it was Jackie's birthday yesterday? Please go over and say Happy birthday Jackie!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fool (If You Think It's Over)

Everyone is quitting blogging! Wait for me!!!

And here is one of my other buddies...

His name is Steve. He is a barber - or men's hair stylist. He went to Barber college! We have been friends for years. He likes my other new friends really a lot... you know, the ones I introduced you to before, Mack (my fishing buddy) and Jack (my cool dude buddy). They went to college too. They're all real smart and popular with the chicks - but they are saving themselves for marriage. Steve is Catholic too. He went to World Youth Day with the youth group he chaperones from Church. He likes to dance too. All of my friends are so much fun!

My other "new" best friend.

We hang out - go out for beers - spend a lot of fun time on the lake fishing - he's got a boat. He's real nice and very supportive - he never gets mad at me and agrees with everything I say - unless I try and trick him by saying something I don't want him to agree with. Then we laugh and laugh. He's Catholic too.

Change in plans...

Photo caption.
"It says here that the blog will stay open and Mr. Nelson is determined to continue with his snark-isms, character assassinations, whistle-blowing, criticism of the holier-than-thou, and war on homos! It says he was just having a bad day yesterday... and he is not quitting!"