More information is now emerging about the manipulative sexual behaviors of John Vanier and his spiritual director Rev Thomas Philippe. The independent investigation on his actions reports:
“The relationships … are described as emotionally abusive and characterised by significant imbalances of power, whereby the alleged victims felt deprived of their free will and so the sexual activity was coerced or took place under coercive conditions,” the report stated.
One victim said Vanier told her: “This is not us, this is Mary and Jesus. You are chosen, you are special, this is secret.”
Vanier’s method of sexually grooming women he was spiritually advising and telling them that the sex was a religious action echoed what Philippe was accused of. One woman told the investigators she went to Philippe to complain about Vanier’s actions, and Philippe sexually assaulted her. “It started with him, the same as with Jean Vanier,” the woman said. “He was not tender like Jean Vanier. More brutal, no intercourse, same words to say that I am special and that all this is about Jesus and Mary.”
My friend Kevin O’Brien wrote a perceptive email about this sort of behavior on Sunday. Kevin was critical of some of Christopher West’s Theology of the Body teachings because there was a mystical aspect to sex integrated into the teaching–that somehow the sexual act could
“bring about esoteric enlightenment, and claiming that a man could indulge in behaviors others would consider sinful, once he was spiritually mature. That’s the game, you see.  Philippe and Vanier would claim,”that when one arrives at perfect love, everything is lawful, for there is no more sin.”  (That quote is from the L’Arche report.)  And so it’s OK to have sex and pretend to be uniting with God Himself in the process – because you’ve arrived at “perfect love”, see?”

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From Pope Benedict on his way to Fatima 2010:  "In terms of what we today can discover in this Our Lady's message, attacks against the pope or the church don’t come just from outside the church. The suffering of the church also comes from within the church, because sin exists in the church. This too has always been known, but today we see it in a really terrifying way. The greatest persecution of the church doesn’t come from enemies on the outside, but is born in sin within the church. The church thus has a deep need to re-learn penance, to accept purification, to learn on one hand forgiveness but also the necessity of justice. Forgiveness does not exclude justice. We have to re-learn the essentials: conversion, prayer, penance, and the theological virtues. That’s how we respond, and we can be realistic in expecting that evil will always launch attacks from within and from outside, but the forces of good are also always present, and finally the Lord is stronger than evil. The Madonna for us is the visible maternal guarantee that the will of God is always the last word in history." - NCR

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