Saturday, December 22, 2007

The nun's story...

PBS has the film tonight, The Nun's Story that is - I have seen it about 10 times and maybe read the book about 5 times.

It brings back memories of finding an excuse to speak to Sr. Joseph about the film - she was the 1st grade teacher at my school when I was in 5th grade - she happened to be the young, pretty nun. Sister told me their life was nothing like what the film portrayed - she was a member of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet - and of course, it was around 1960. (You see, the breakdown began before the Council - Vatican II simply opened the windows.)

Anyway - the film takes me back - ah! (This season is far too nostalgic.) But I want to let you know, my dearest uncle is very ill. He had a heart attack earlier in the week, and then a stroke. He is 89 and my aunt is 82. They were both in perfect health. I'm just asking for prayers for him, my uncle's name is Arthur.

Thank you very much.

'tis the season...

Art: Michael Sowa

Friday, December 21, 2007

My visit with Santa...

What a disappointment that was.

"Yeah. So Santa, I never asked for siblings - could you take them back then?"

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Desert Father talking...

"In Egypt, once when Abba Poemen was going somewhere, he saw a woman sitting by a grave and weeping bitterly. He said, 'If all the delights of this world should come to her, they would not alleviate her sorrow. Just so should the monk always be weeping in his heart.'" - Sayings of the Desert Fathers

[I'll be off-line for a little while.]

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mommie Dearest

Madonna cancels Christmas - LOL!

The devout Kabbalahist - new word for Grinch, or pseudo-Jew - has cancelled Christmas for her family. (Look for the remake of Mommie Dearest in about 15 to 20 years - or rather, when the kids are all grown up and damaged.) Read the entire story here if you are at all interested.

And now, another Top 10 Meme...

The Top 10 best pictures on my blog! EVER!!!!!

(In no particular order of course. My apologies for not including any Serial Mom classics.)
Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 17, 2007


I get so darn excited!

Cathy tagged me for a meme - memes are for girls - but boys play too - just to keep the girls interested. So ANYWAY - this one is about posting my top 10 best posts. Gosh! Where the hell to begin? Here I go:
10) The post I did exposing all the **** priests in the **** who were stationed at a **** ***** parish in ** **** ...
9) The post I did exposing the priest who **** a child with a ***** ***** and still works in *** ******** ....
8) The post I did revealing that a rather well-known priest does not have a **** ***...
7) The post I did revealing the hot-bed of lesbian/wiccan **** at a certain local CINO academic institution.
6) The post I did revealing that the gay association known as ***** has only about 5 to 10 active members - many on the waiting lists of memory care homes.
5) The post I did exposing female ********* students as on the make for ******** and ******** men.
4) The pictorial post I did on naked swimming at a local ******* college pool.
3) The post I did on how liberal priests are begging for the TLM to be celebrated at their parishes, but trad priests are refusing to train them.
2) My expose detailing the mark-up on religious goods at local ******* stores. And how they are in ****** ****** *** **** *** with Communist China *** ****** **** unconcerned **** lead content in their ******** products. The following quote by the buyers said it all: "We grew up chewing lead paint off our window sills and it never harmed us!"
1) My #1 best post has to be the review I did of popular ***** blogs and the utter pretentiousness of ****** *** write them. People were aghast. I had to hasten with a corrective post wherein I assured my readers ** *** all a bunch of liars or phonies about something in our lives, so don't to be too judgemental.
I tag Johnny, Ginger, Helmut, Kirsten, Poodle, Puppy, and Jen.
[UPDATE: I needed to edit this entry because I realized some people would think it was about them when it was really about someone else - and in some cases - about no one at all.]

Rockin' around...

Rockin' around the Christmas tree!
I got my tree up - the outside of the house has been decorated. I got my cards done. All I have to do is clean and grocery shop, otherwise I'm done for Christmas. So now I can go to the company Christmas party tomorrow night. I have always loved those parties, but it was tough getting away to attend!

[Oh - I guess I have to mail the cards too - I think I can handle that. Although, maybe people could just pick their card up? Nah! Then they'll want to come in.]

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Christmas story... for cats.

Now this is the role cats played in the birth of Jesus. (The story I tell my cats every Christmas after we finish the Rosary and before we venerate the Infant Jesus.)

On the first Christmas eve - that is, when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of the holy Virgin Mary - and before anyone else knew about it, even the shepherds, the stray cats of Bethlehem gathered around the stable. They were hiding in the hay and behind the sleepy ox, one kitty slept on the back of donkey because it was warm, a couple of others rubbed up against St. Joseph who seemed to be asleep - although he was really in ecstasy.

The holy Virgin was kneeling upon a fleece mat laid over the straw in a corner of the stable, protected from view by the large sleeping ox and a low wall. The Blessed Virgin was in ecstasy as well, when suddenly a great light shone, and upon the fleece was a lovely newborn Infant, glistening as if bathed in star dust. No sooner had He appeared than the Blessed Mother swiftly wrapped Him in swaddling clothes and laid Him in the manger nearby. As if from nowhere, the tiniest angels appeared, about the size of bees, encircling the newborn in the manger, while strains of heavenly music could be heard, along with the gentle singing of heavenly choirs.

Joseph walked very slowly into the enclosure, his head bowed, tears streaming down a face made radiant by the light emanating from the Holy Child and his Blessed Mother. He knelt next to his wife, adoring the Holy Infant. The ox noticed and rose partially, although just enough to kneel, facing the Holy Family. The donkey did likewise. The cats, naturally shy and accustomed to being shooed away, kept their distance until they noticed all the other little animals; mice, chipmunks, rabbits, gathering in awe at the foot of the manger, completely unselfconscious of any danger.

Now, as you know, stray cats are always hungry and always looking for prey - which is why many people who dislike cats, tolerated them in the first place, since they kept their homes free of vermin. As the cats watched all the critters assembling, it seemed to them it was a living banquet being laid out before their eyes. However, the grandpa cat whispered that this was not the moment or place for feasting. He proceeded to explain to the other cats that they had all just witnessed a miracle, that God Himself, our Creator, had come down that night to live amongst men. Grandpa cat pointed to all the little animals, particularly the mice, and reminded the other cats of the scriptures which referred to the Christ when it foretold, "In that day the kitty cat will lie down with the mouse." (Grandpa cat knew the scriptures because he sneaked into Temple every Sabbath. He quickly related how the Virgin would be found with Child, that her Child is the Redeemer and Saviour, who brings peace to all the world, renewing nature itself, and so on.)

With renewed confidence all the cats crept out of their hiding places, their attention rapt upon the Divine Child. The kitties were neither distracted by the mice and other animals, nor were they a bit perturbed when the shepherd's dogs arrived... the atmosphere being so permeated with peace and joy that silent night. A few of the older cats cuddled near the Madonna and the feet of St. Joseph to warm them. As it was a very cold night that first Christmas, Our Lady picked up a very fat cat and another beautiful Siamese cat, placing them gently near the Child Jesus, to keep Him warm too. [This is when I ask my cats, "And do you know who these kitties were, so privileged to keep watch over the Holy Infant? They were your great, great, great, great, (almost too many greats to count!), great grandmothers!"]

The End.

So this is the Christmas story I tell my cats every year, and when I'm finished, they roll around for a long time afterwards, purring and stretching, as if they had nibbled upon catnip, and I always seem to be able to see a twinkle in their eyes, with a smile upon their little mouths. After some time, they then go over and adore the Bambino Jesu, sitting alongside Him into the wee hours of the morning.