Saturday, August 07, 2010

My followers on Twittle and Facebook have gone beyond 5000!

I know!
10:49 PM: So upsetting - the counter does not go beyond 5000 so I don't know who really likes me.  If your name is not among the 5000, I don't know if you are good or bad or if you really, really like me.
10:51 PM:  Larry's still up - I called and hung up - but that was him who answered the phone.
10:56 PM:  I just watched Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont - excellent film - book written by Elizabeth Taylor - I had no idea she was literate.  Story:  so sad - about lonely old people.
10:58 PM:  I just called Cathy's - someone answered but I couldn't quite make out what they said.  I asked if their refrigerator was running and told them they better catch it after they said "what business is it of yours."  Grouch.
10:62 PM:  Called Larry again - no answer.
10:63 PM:  Men's hygene tip:  If you don't want to shower and have to run out someplace, take those anti-bacterial wipes, wash the hot spots with them, and then apply deoderant.  Works all the time.
10:65 PM:  Off to prayer, then bed.  Oops, clean cat box first.


  1. Bwahahahaha! You are killing me!

  2. You forgot your bathroom breaks...really, Terry, how could you?:<)!
    Love the tips on "men's hygiene"...will keep in mind when I can't haul my a** out of bed in the morning for prayer...wipes, yeah!

  3. does Larry have caller ID?

  4. Cathy was probably in "mystical ecstasy" you expect us (her) to be able to communicate "at will"??
    And we don't have to clean the "cat box here"...the dogs just do their dooty in the yard...let the lawn mower deal with :<)!

  5. That men's hygiene tip is something else. I think I'll stick to soap and water. And, of course, shampoo.

    I hope I don't make you ill by bringing this up, but I just noticed the word shampoo has the word "poo" in it:0) Just a minor observation.

  6. And, yes, it also has the word "sham", but I'm more disturbed by the word "poo."

  7. Terry--So YOU'RE the one who called me at 4:45 am earlier this week and hung up....paybacks hun...

    When I was deployed in the military and no showers for miles around I ALWAYS had a box of baby wipes with me..good for camping/hunting trips too..

    I also take a little pan I can heat up water over the campfire to wash my face..that is the only way I can face the day.

    Litter box detail is twice daily around here..wonderful way to start the day..I just offer it up..I have fussy puddy tats :)


  8. Ter: Don't get too comfortable just yet:
    Men's hygiene and litter boxes may have to take a lower agenda: Castro says we're gonna get bombed (and not by liquor, by the way) unless Obama stops it (which is a frightening thought on many levels)...hold onto your Rosaries, folks, and be ready to kiss your a** goodbye (but maybe it's just a hoax...ya think?)

  9. Tom - you gave me my first LOL of the day.... sham and poo???? Too funny!!

  10. Father NP--Iran has known for years that the world will not permit them to have nukes...same with North Korea.
    Israel will take care of the situation if it comes anywhere close, like they did with Syria.

    It is nothing but a bunch of posturing.

    But please continuing praying..the world is full of a bunch of crazies..and the US does have the capability to turn the entire Middle East into a parking lot..

    Remember during Desert Storm when Bush I told Saddam Hussein that if he used chemical weapons on the troops, that he would nuke them?? Still hold true today....

    God Bless.. Sara

  11. Sara: Thanks, dear.
    The Message of OL of Fatima is ever in my heart; daily rosaries for peace; the First Saturdays of reparation; Eucharistic adoration and reparation.
    I'm a political "retard" (please excuse the is meant in its true origin of meaning...I just don't get it).
    I just know that evil is most prevalent today; there are people in power who would have no qualms about liquidating a huge portion of humanity; we better pray hard and fast for peace, for authentic justice, for moral rectitude;
    it's just that simple and I'm a simple kinda person, I guess.
    Thanks for your comments.

  12. Terry, what's your FB nom-de-guerre?

  13. Terry - Mrs LarryD is so unhappy that you woke her with the late night phone calls.

  14. Anonymous11:04 AM

    This is really funny, T! :)

  15. Joe - Central.

    Fr. Gary - I dropped Facebook a long time ago - the reason being is that it linked to my blog so every post I did published on Facebook, and as most people know I post stuff but often take it down later - to my horror I found it was still on Facebook. I realize it also remains on Google Reader but not everyone accesses that - or maybe they do. Oh well.

    Larry - I was just pretending - I didn't really call.

  16. Aceman11:59 AM

    Tom in Vegas said...
    And, yes, it also has the word "sham", but I'm more disturbed by the word "poo."

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention Tom. I never realized that it was such an intrinsically disordered word and product. Catholics should avoid using shamxxx, along with drinking "Sprite" for obvious reasons! Ace

  17. Clorox antibacterial wipes?!?!

    Surprised your not actually dead yet.

    OH, but if you mean like baby wipes with the addition of foam soap- campers already know this.
    Because Yellowstone charges a fortune for showers- nearly thrity dollars including laundry for my entire family. :)

  18. belinda: I'll take notes; thanks for the info:<)!
    Terry: Sorry if I've been obnoxious in the past 24 hrs...I'm really not a "stalker" (mostly!)...
    we survived the thunderstorm with little collateral damage (little sleep for the brethren, but what's new?) The terrier is in great form (yeah, he gets to sleep 14 hours a day; good for him).
    I love your tweeter/twater thingy! Too funny!
    And the southern fried chicken will have to wait until tomorrow; everybody is too damned tired and hot to even give a fig about it right now.
    So, that's the story from "Lake Wobegone", albeit Wisconsin.

  19. Cole slaw and fried chicken?? Yummy :)

    I'll bring banana coworkers will just have to do without tomorrow :)


    Oh yes--breakfast this morning was two eggs over hard, crisp thick smoked bacon, whole wheat pancakes with blackberry-raspberry topping (local berries, home made hot topping), fresh squeezed orange juice, hot coffee with sweetner (gevalia Breakfast Blend). Next time I'll take a picture :)

    Dinner tonight will be chicken quesidillas (done on grill), corn on cob (done on grill--I don't need to use butter as I sprinkle a cajun seasoning on the corn)), green salad (I use a mix of spring greens and baby spinach), and sliced strawberries for dessert. Beverage--Corona Light with a lime.

    Bottoms up!!


  20. Sara: Sounds wonderful, nothing like grilled food.
    And the floor here was properly cleaned, no ants (praise Jesus!), the dishes got washed, all is well here...for now.
    God is so good.
    Now we just wait for the next catastrophe...I'll probably be the's what I do, unfortunately:P!

  21. Father I genuinely appreciate all of your comments - thanks very much.

  22. Father, watch out for the leaches, my husband had to pull them off of our children. I would'a had to let them suck the kids dry 'cause I'm not touching nothin'
    Sara, stop it some more.

  23. belinda: LEACHES! ARGHH!
    The hubby is to be commended; my mother, ever the nurse, would revel in pinching, pulling and extracting whatever (even cleaning out our ears with a bobbypin; I'm not kidding) and is in his category of heroism, I guess.
    You do whatcha gotta do.
    I better go to bed now...not much sleep last night, a full day, and it's thundering and lightening again;
    the terrier is having a panic attack; he'll just have to sleep under the bed, I guess!

  24. Your welcome, Aceman.

    On occasions, I do drink Sprite and use shampoo on a daily basis. I even have the audacity to spell it out: SHAMPOO.

  25. But Tom, do you rinse and repeat?

  26. Terry: Thank you. You are so kind.
    I mean it.
    I know I can be quite weird, at times, I appreciate your consideration. Really. You can come live at our monastery anytime you want.
    And just for the record: I am going to take a shower tomorrow, use ample amounts of soap, shampoo and rinse.

  27. NP--Poor cats aren't fazed a bit by the storms....every once in awhile a big thunderclap will startle (wo)man and beasties but other than that.

    My sis in law's Malumute mix just absolutely freaks out with thunderstorms and fireworks...he hids under the bed and just sobs..poor critter.

    We had an amazing lightning storm last night but everything is clear just enough raindrops to make a mess of everything....ggrrr..



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