Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Deep in thought ...

Gone are the days of instant romance 
And the nights of slow goodbyes 
That was a time of life when foxy was the dance 
But then you got wise to all my lies...
- Papillon

I didn't finish my Christmas cards.

I put the tree up, but I didn't finish decorating the house.

A friend asked if I was in
'the Christmas spirit'.

I am actually,
it's just different.

I've been thinking of the last Christmas of Margaret of Cortona.

She was hounded by gossip and rumors and suspicion to the end of her days.  The friars in Cortona sent her away to be near an isolated friary because of false accusations.  Seems timely in our day when so many are hounded by false accusations.  I mentioned this in a comment to someone on FB - I still can't articulate my thoughts on it very well, but I am reminded of St. Francis and his exposition of 'perfect joy' to Br. Leo.  It is good to keep in mind at Christmas.

The saints, in their abject poverty were especially open to understand the true meaning of Christmas.  Christ, born in the poorest conditions, no place to lay his head.  It wasn't at all cozy.