Wednesday, August 04, 2010

German Bishop On How the Homosexual Networks...

One attracts the other...
Especially those who are from youth deeply affected by homosexuality, may not be ordained as priests, answered Küng to a corresponding question from "Standard". Homosexual networks are a threat for a Cloister or a Diocese, because "one attracts the other". Then there exists in a place a certain atmosphere, which becomes an attractive place for homosexual candidates, said Küng. Then, only a radical solution is possible. "If I become aware, that such a situation has the upper hand in a seminary or a cloister, I can only lock it up", said the Bishop. - St. Pöltner Bishop Klaus Küng 

I've said the same thing, in fact I know of a couple of places up...  Oops!  That would have to be another post.


  1. Aceman10:00 PM

    Funny, the cloister would be last place i'd look! :-)

  2. Ace - that's more to do with preference right? Kidding.

  3. Aceman7:47 PM

    Naw T-man, it's more to do with type that's hiding there than preference. ;-)


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