Monday, August 02, 2010

Just for fun: What I think of Anne Rice.

The quick answer:  Not much.
Like I wrote in the com box of another blog, "I doubt she brought many souls back to the Church when she decided to be Catholic again, and I doubt she will lead many souls out of the Church now that she quit."

People do this everyday - they fall away.  There was a parable about the phenomena, something about seed falling on various surfaces, sprouting, dying, etc..  I think this photo of Rice is very telling - Catholic chic - many people love the accoutrements... big rosaries, lovely architecture, classy music, ancient artifacts, gold and lace and satin and embroidered slippers.  It feels so holy in a romantic sort of way, huh?  And what is more Goth than Catholic Gothic? 

I've never been able to read an Anne Rice novel, or sit through a film based on one.  I've enjoyed televised interviews with her - but she's just a 'gal' - she could be my sister or the woman across the street, or any romantic novelist.  So what?  She's as screwed up as the next person.  (In fact - she just might be nuts.)

Waddja think 'bout that Clinton wedding, huh?   


  1. +JMJ+

    Yeah, she's "just a gal" to me, too--and I don't mean that in a bad way, either! When I read the article that quoted her blog post (It was a blog post, wasn't it?), I thought of all the times I shot my own proverbial mouth off online and the fact that blogging does not tell the truth about oneself as much as it tells the truth about oneself at a certain, very fleeting time. On the blogging level, the only difference between Anne Rice and us is that her posts are taken seriously by major newspapers.

    So I guess my reaction to this can be summed up in: "Oh, leave her alone and let her blog what she likes!"

  2. Thanks E - excellent point. Hey - Linsay Lohan just got out of jail! Now that's news we can use! ;)

  3. Reading this post reminds me of the Divine Mercy Novena, the 5th day is offered up for those who have separated themselves from the church.

    On the 5th day of the novena we pray for unity and for those who have squandered and misused God graces by obstinately persisting in their errors.

    Thank God for Divine Mercy or we would all be on a sinking ship!

    God bless

  4. Ter - what's the over/under on how many days before Lindsay is back in jail?

  5. Daily Grace - good point. In "Contemplate My Wounds" a series of reflections one can pray for each decade of the Chaplet we can consider the following:

    The Fourth Decade
    On the fourth decade, we pause to venerate the wounds in Our Lord's feet. We inwardly adore Jesus by becoming ever more grateful that He accepted the penetrating nails in atonement for the sins of the whole world. We sense that He is conveying to us His purpose for accepting this violent action against His Person.

    He took upon Himself the punishment of those whose sin consisted in walking away from the Church, the Sacraments, and the teachings of the faith. Many walk away from the influence of the word of God, which was intended to teach us the right path upon which to walk.

    Others have had a negative influence on their families through many generations and have caused the departure of other persons from our faith. The accumulation of all these influences has resulted in so many losing their souls for all eternity.

    Others have willfully walked away due to pride and subjective determination over their own lives. Many have walked away from their marriage vows and their commitment to their families, especially their children. Who will have to answer for this indifference? Who will answer for the confusion caused by religious who pronounced vows and who have similarly walked away from their commitments?

    Due to all these gross violations against the overwhelming love of God the Father, Jesus necessarily atoned for them all. When we unite ourselves to Our Lord in praying for these souls, we pray with great confidence since Our Lord said: "The prayer most pleasing to Me is prayer for the conversion of sinners" (Diary, 1397).

  6. re: Clinton wedding...if this is a "royal" wedding then Princess Anne might just be Chelsea's aunt...

  7. +JMJ+

    Lindsay??? But she doesn't have a blog! ;-P

  8. She can fall out this easily because she was never in it too deeply to begin with. Her arguments for leaving, IMHO, are completely superficial and trivial at best.

  9. I agree, Anne Rice is nuts!
    And Bill Clinton lost 20 pounds at the request of his daughter--wow. I think Chelsa looked very happy.

  10. What a beautiful wedding....and Chelsea sure got herself a handsome hunk :)

    Here is an article about the wedding and a wonderful photo slideshow of the gorgeous flowers used inthe wedding...

    Paste the link in your browser and the selecte the "photo Gallery" There are over 60 photos.


  11. A. Rice is an enigma.
    Okay, I admit, I read her vampire books.
    And I have read her son's books (mediocre, at best).
    Well, that sums it up; mediocre.
    A. may have gone for the "goth" Catholicism of New Orleans; the "smells and bells", spooky cemeteries, flickering votive lamps in dark churches before statues...but that's just the veneer.
    It really comes down to, "Who do you say that I am?"...and if you do not profess Jesus as Lord and the Catholic Church as His Bride and the Voice of Him throughout the ages, you just have "goth".


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