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"When, I wonder, did we in America ever get into this idea that freedom means having no boundaries and no limits? I think it began on the 6th of August 1945 at 8:15 am when we dropped the bomb on Hiroshima... Somehow or other, from that day on in our American life, we say we want no limits and no boundaries." — Servant of God Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen
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  1. Terry, when I was a young seminarian I met a French-Canadian Sister who lived through the Nagasaki Bomb. (The propaganda machine prevented them from knowing what happened in Heroshima.)
    How I found this out is also a long story since she voluntered no information until I basically said, "You were there when the bomb dropped?"

    Then I heard the most frightening thing in my life. Of course I was never the same after hearing this.

    (Nagasaki was the place where the Jesuit martyrs were crucified for Christ, centuries before;
    yet it was the only (historic) Christian city in all Japan. That is why westerners were living there throughout the war years; she was teaching at a girls' school.)

    Some people think the 'War' soon ended because of this most evil horror of all time; but Satan knew otherwise. It is this most evil of all spirits who has been ruling the air supremely, ever since.

    So when I hear about terrorists getting a nuke to drop on the USofA, I BELIEVE IT; I think it is satan's will to make what goes around, come around.
    For me, August 6 is always the day we remember the Transfiguration, but thanks for the 'juxtaposition of the incongrous' !

  2. For me this day is always about that transfiguration of humanity as well. I agree with you.

  3. Just a thought; the "vision of hell" to the children of Fatima as well as the "Third Secret" came to mind viewing this.
    I'm not saying that was what they saw (Hiroshima, Nagasaki).
    But it sure does look similar.
    Thanks, Terry.
    Prayers from here.

  4. Hi Father, I agree with you; if Russia had been consecrated to the Immaculate Heart, who knows how the world would have been changed.
    Communist 'Russia', Nazi Germany's anti-Semitism, Imperial Japan, Islam's anti-Semitism, and a secular West were all inspired by the evil one, who is the greatest enemy toward Our Lady. A world consecrated to Her in Christ could have prevented a nuclear age, yes.

  5. It is indeed a troubling and disturbing anniversary. We seem to have stepped back from using nuclear bombs again, but all bombs do the same thing (indiscriminate destruction and death); just on a smaller scale. Attempts to justify Hiroshima and Nagasaki focus on the lives that were potentially saved by ending the war sooner. But this is uncomfortably close to consequentialism. Which the Church teaches that we may not use to justify other intrinsic evils.
    I wasn't there, I'm not qualified to second-guess those who made the decision. But I wish we had kept that genie corked up in the bottle.

  6. Melody, I wish we had as well.

  7. Thanks, Walter.
    You have given a profound witness, here.
    Many thanks.
    May our Lady of Fatima help us, draw us to the Eucharistic Jesus, and inspire us to do penance for our sins.
    We should not forget the event of Fatima; our Holy Father reminded us of this in his recent visit, giving us, perhaps, a glimpse of the meaning of the Third Secret, developed further from the "official" statement? I'm reading up on this and have some questions regarding whether or not there is, in fact, a text to accompany the "vision." Pope Benedict seems to be giving us a "glimpse" that perhaps, there is more there than what meets the eye...there is more in store for us; a Pope may actually be martyred; the chastisement that many approved mystics have revealed, may be soon upon us.
    We just need to heed our Lady's requests; pray the daily Rosary; adore the most Blessed Sacrament, making reparation; do penance; live out the daily duties of our state in life. God is ever greater and provides for His beloved. Of that I am sure.


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