Friday, August 06, 2010

"You like it dahling?"

"I got it at Bergdorf's when I was in NY."


  1. This is so politically incorrect, especially as supporters for the building of a mosque/ community center at close proximity to ground zero seem to pop up from out of nowhere. Yet you can't get Mother Teresa honored in NY.

  2. Now now darling--you forgot the purse, gloves, scarf, shoes..


  3. His burqa is broken.

  4. I assumed it was purchased from <a href=">Ax man</a> with a coupon.

  5. I wish I could wear a hat like that (the monks in the Eastern rite do)...I'm stuck with a hood...oh, well...
    A fashion statement will I never make!

  6. Father, Kate just asked me 30 minutes ago how your sister is doing.

    I should give you my email so that I'm not annoying to Mr.Terry nor detract from this awesome blog post.

  7. belinda: She's having radiation now for several months with the chemo; no new cancer, praise God.
    Thank you, oh, thank you for your concern and prayers. Greeting to Kate.
    That touches my heart so deeply!


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