Saturday, March 15, 2008

Polish priest wins big award!


A Polish priest who is also a cosmetologist, won the prestigious Templeton Prize. I noticed the headline on Sancte Pater - Vincenzo has the story here.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Update on the Bunny Rabbit Shelter.

Temperatures have risen so dramatically, and the late winter sun is so hot, Ice Mountain is melting rapidly, revealing a bunny rabbit house at the end of the tunnel which had been marked, "Easter Bunny Shelter"! Apparently, the structure had been hidden in the center of Ice Mountain all of this time, unbeknownst to passers by, while the tunnel had given the rabbits access to the hidden house. (Obviously, the sign was meant to throw off crazed poachers and rabbit hunters, leading them to mistake the tunnel for a bus shelter, servicing rabbits who worked downtown.)

Off for St. Patrick's Day...

Kidding! That would be a cold day in hell!

I'll be off for awhile anyway.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Global warming...

Global warming is affecting the Easter Bunny - Emergency measures are called for!

This photo shows the Bunny Station today. As you can see, it is melting very fast. The snow is dirty from car exhaust - but the eggs are safe in the tunnel. The tunnel is a few feet deeper, although we are afraid of collapse as the melting continues. Perhaps tomorrow bunny rabbit workman will begin to excavate the snow and ice shelf at the base of the "glacier mountain" and install the wooden station house.

Jeron is using Bowtrol.

Cathy takes care of her dad.

The Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny shelter I made is melting, so I built a wooden one today to replace it when the ice tunnel is gone. The littlest kids in the neighborhood love the shelter. On their way to the park they stop and look in and call out, "Hey Easter Bunny!" I think they will like the house I built just as much. I bought more candy filled eggs today. (I talked to the moms so they know it is safe, factory sealed and all of that.) While I was outside cleaning the sidewalk, one of the little boys said to me, "If you see the Easter Bunny waiting for the bus, please tell him we live down the street and around the corner in the stucco house."

I said I would do so.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dogs and cats.

I love dogs and cats, squirrels and rabbits, mice, gophers and racoons, voles and moles, deer and foxes. All of these I have seen in my neighborhood, but only dogs and cats can come in the house. So I feed the others in my back yard. And everyone is happy.

Funny bit on local news.

Don't tell this lady what is sinful.

A reporter asked a Catholic woman outside of her parish church what she thought of the so-called "new seven deadly sins" the Vatican came out with this week. With a hint of exasperation, she answered, "You would think with all that is going on in the world they would have better things to worry about. How about inclusiveness..." I can't remember what else she said, if anything, but I got the impression she watches a lot of Oprah shows.

The "new" seven deadlies:

"Genetic modification, carrying out experiments on humans, polluting the environment, causing social injustice, causing poverty, becoming obscenely wealthy and taking drugs are all mortal sins." - News report.

The Governor and the hooker...

Oh you kids! Those Democrats are just as bad as the Republicans.
So what is wrong with a Governor seeing high class prostitutes that cost up to $5,500.00 an hour?
Nothing so much really, unless you are Governor Spitzer of New York, who pledged to eradicate corruption in government. Oh, and if the prostitute was paid with taxpayer's money, or by lobbyists hoping for a favor... Then you are in trouble. You can bet your @$$ that Governor Spitzer didn't pay for the pretty woman out of his own pocket.

Monday, March 10, 2008


"Sisyphus" - Douglas Coffey

Beverly Sutphin was a good Catholic.

Recycle or go to hell.

Serial Mom, despite her faults, always said her prayers, went to church, and most importantly, she recycled. News today is that the Vatican has come out with "new sins", among them, not recycling. Full story here. (Truly, there are no "new" sins, although new developments in technology and science may warrant pointing out practices that are sinful in application or omission, things some people wouldn't otherwise think about.)
The "new" deadly sins are: "Genetic modification, carrying out experiments on humans, polluting the environment, causing social injustice, causing poverty, becoming obscenely wealthy and taking drugs are all mortal sins."
Thus, I suppose one might say, "not recycling" is a sin because it leads to "polluting the environment" or something. I would love to have to confess "becoming obscenely wealthy," especially if I couldn't help it - although if it was against my will, it wouldn't be a mortal sin. I just threw out all of my prescriptions now that "taking drugs" is a mortal sin. (I should be dead in a week. LOL!)
I'm thinking not wearing a seat belt is already a sin - but I'm not sure about white after Labor Day - The Pope wears it all year long you know.
(Photo - "Serial Mom" - Scene where Beverly Sutphin murders Patti Hearst's character for wearing white after Labor Day. Beverly really was a good girl, wasn't she. Her heart was in the right place when she murdered.)

I really miss my puppy...

He ran away.
(I changed the photo because the first one scared everyone.)

Sunday, March 09, 2008

I see skulls.

As an artist, I always see images in the patterns of nature. I see faces in marble and terrazzo floors, figures in cloud formations, or the branches of a tree. Without my glasses, I make out shapes in shadows and reflections of light at night, or while 'watching' frost on a window pane. I know it is my imagination at work - even when I 'think' I see religious images on a tabernacle door, or reflected in a glass. Lately, all the images I see are of skulls - every pattern I look at. Even in church, when I pray and become momentarily distracted by the wood grain pattern of the pew - a skull shows up. (BTW, aside from the fact it is easier to remain recollected, my recognizing images where they do not exist is the other reason I prefer to pray with my eyes closed.)