Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Now here's something Catholic logo-ticians ought to be concerned about ...

Some believe the CERN logo has "666"
embedded within.  Others see
it as a graphic symbolizing Shiva.

Concerned about CERN?

You maybe should be.

Unusual vortex over CERN.

According to conspiracy theorists, bizarre clouds that formed on Friday, June 24 over the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) facility prove that experiments being conducted by CERN scientists in Geneva are opening up mysterious inter-dimensional portals that disrupt the fabric of space and time and expose Earth to the risk of alien invasion from a parallel universe.*

Stephen Hawking has postulated that the Large Hadron Collider 
may be capable of creating a black hole 

Statue of the Hindu god Shiva (“the destroyer”) 
right outside CERN headquarters.
Story here.

*It has been suggested that some of the conspiracy theorists and writers at news-portals such as The Vortex,  Canon212, and even 1P5 might have entered the blogosphere from a parallel universe, seeking to disrupt and destroy not only the Papacy, but Catholic unity.  

NB: I for one do not believe in conspiracy theories... or do I?


  1. My conspiracy theory is that you secretly write priestshavebecomecesspoolsofimpurity and posts like this are part of your well-orchestrated disinformation campaign to throw everyone off. I also have a theory that you trained the marmot that sits on Michael Voris's head. I mean, it's so docile...truly following St. Terese's "little way."

    Just kidding. 100% kidding.

    Seriously, I would love to have a loooong conversation over coffee--or better yet, whiskey--with whoever writes PHBCoI. That's a brilliant, if imablanced, mind. More sparks in that noggin than the sky over CERN the night of Xenu's final arrival.

  2. Haha! Thanks. I'm glad you like his stuff - I have no idea who he is but he really does have talent and makes me laugh. Sometimes not of course - but I agree - he's brilliant.


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