Sunday, July 03, 2016

Fr. Michael Tegeder needs our prayerful support.

Fr. Tegeder is in hospice.

On June 24, several days after the call, the 67-year-old Minneapolis native and longtime Catholic priest and church pastor learned from his oncologist that further chemotherapy and immunotherapy infusion treatments to curb his aggressive cancer would be fruitless. Tegeder decided then to discontinue treatment and live his final days in hospice care at the home of a relative. - Ruben Rosario

There is a prayer Fr. Tegeder's parishioners - his communities - are reciting for his healing - it's very beautiful...

Creator, your servant
Nicholas Black Elk
was a Lakota holy man
and a Catholic catechist
who brought the message
of your son Jesus
to many Indian people,
and he taught all of us
to recognize that we are relatives
to all living things
You have created.

Through Black Elk's intercession,
we ask You for the gift of healing
for our pastor,
Father Mike Tegeder,
who inspires us
by his wisdom, honesty,
and courage
in caring for us,
your people.
Amen. - Cabrini

Please pray for him now.  He was surrounded by controversy yet he persevered in ministry, faithful as he could be, true to his convictions - though at variance with Catholic teaching at times - serving and helping and truly accompanying those who were most in need of a priest like him.  I never appreciated that until recently.  The soul of his priesthood is a mystery known to God alone ...
“As I said in this column last Easter, we are still standing together with the Risen One.
This is most important for me. …I am a Catholic with the full understanding of that word which seeks inclusivity while appreciating diversity.
…Let us never forget that we gather around the Risen One in Spirit who reaches out to all in love.” - Fr. Mike Tegeder (March 27, 2016 Pastor's Comments)

I will pray very much for him.

h/t Ray 


  1. A beautiful and heartfelt post, Terry. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. I am going to ask St. Joseph to pray with me for Fr. Tegeder, that Jesus will grant him the grace of a peaceful and happy death.

  3. Anonymous11:49 AM

    I pray that he amends his ways and views, seeks forgiveness, and dies a happy death. He has held and promoted anti-Catholic views for many, many years and has won many supporters in the world. He has made the lives and work of many of us Catholics who adhere to Church teaching very difficult. We have tried to love him, not always successfully, and I have personally been kind to him in his presence, but not always behind his back. I apologize for that, but I do not apologize for disagreeing with him and wanting him to change. The same goes for Michael Bayly above. I love him too, but I do not agree with him and I want him to change his mind and life too. That is the essence of being a Catholic Christian. We are hated, but we love nonetheless.


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