Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Severe Storms In Minneapolis

Branch down in my driveway - I can't get out of the garage
until the city comes by to remove it.

Plantings devastated - petunias over,
flower petals and organic debris litter the sidewalk.
What a mess.

Last night severe storms swept through the area - trees and branches down all over.  Lights flickered.  Heavy rain.  High winds.  Lightning.

At my place a huge branch came down (see photo) and potted petunias pummeled (see photo).  I sent the photos in to local news outlets - they like to post photos of inner city - neighborhood damage.


  1. Ohm Terry - you are in rare form today. That branch is just awful. How long before the city gets there?

    (Take the "e" out of lightning when you have nothing else to do.)

    1. And remove the stray "m" hanging on "Oh"

    2. Got 'er done.

      Can't fix the stray m though - pretend it's for Oh my Terry.

    3. Spelling lesson compliments of hubby, who also got a huge laugh over your branch. I didn't even notice it.

      We could also pretend that the Ohm is the electrical resistance between two points of a conductor when a constant potential difference of 1 volt, applied to these points, produces in the conductor a current of 1 ampere, the conductor not being the seat of any electromotive force.

      Got that?

    4. Tell him thanks.

      And no - I didn't get the electrical stuff. ;)

    5. Tell him thanks.

      And no - I didn't get the electrical stuff. ;)

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