Friday, July 08, 2016

5 Officers dead in Dallas

Prayers for the officers killed and those wounded.
Pray for all who serve in law enforcement.
They need our prayers and support. 

This changes everything.
A self-proclaimed black power group appears to have claimed responsibility for theassassinations of five police officers at a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas.
Five officers were gunned down by at least two shooters who picked out officers from an 'elevated position' - believed to be a multi-storey car park. 
It came in the week of public outrage over the deaths of two black men shot by police.
The Black Power Political Organisation wrote on its Facebook account that it was behind the attack and that 'more assassinations are coming.' - Source
It looks like war now.

Threats surround us all.

I turned on network TV to see if there was any coverage and it was back to regular programming.  Constant ditz, fashion, entertainment news, laugh a minute crap.  Talk about mind control.

I keep reading about the crime in Rio and the squalor, masked over by the 'Olympic' coverage and hype.  The collapse of Venezuela.  ISIS terror. Drug trafficker terror.  Human trafficking terror. Immigration-border control.    Many of us seem to take it in stride.

It's overwhelming - but it's happening.  The police are our guys on the front lines.  They need our support.


Dear St. Michael, your name means ''who is like god?''
 and it indicates that you remained faithful 
when others rebelled against God.

Help police officers in our day 
who strive to stem the rabellion and evil 
that are rampant on all sides.

Keep them faithful to their God 
as well as to their country 
and their fellow human beings.


  1. Under your shield protect them glorious St. Michael.

  2. Don't be surprised if this now gives USA more impetus to vote in the Machiavelli of America, Donald Trump, as president.

  3. He will ride this and other similar issues as far as he can. America is dividing into two armed camps. Violence surrounds us whether we are peaceful or not. The Conventions will be tense and possible targets. The election impossible and the next four years whoever wins impossible too.

  4. I think it is amazing that it hasn't gotten much worse much faster. The US has always been a very racist country, and people of color have suffered tremendously in this country. Things are better on the surface now - we don't have separate drinking fountains, etc. - but the racism is even more evil, with abortion being used as a form of genocide. Here in NYC, for every 5 African American babies that are conceived, 3 are aborted. That is over 60%. And there can be no doubt that they are targeted by police and the justice system. Blacks make up 30% of the population, but 60% of prison inmates. At least 136 blacks have been killed by police in 2016, and far too many with no real reason except for the color of their skin.

    Something has always been seriously wrong in this country, and I think we are going to pay a terrible price for it.

  5. Racism is an insidious sin. Slavery was an economic sin that remains in our DNA. We cannot escape the results embedded in our country. Of any country on this earth however we can overcome and move forward. If given time. Our Lady has warned us, but her's is a global message. I believe that God loves America very much, but does America still love God enough? Time will tell.

  6. Who is my neighbour?


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