Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Today marks the anniversary of the Beheading of Thomas Moore

July 6, 1535

"When he saw the doctrines of the Church were gravely endangered, he knew how to despise resolutely the flattery of human respect, how to resist, in accordance with his duty, the supreme head of the State when there was question of things commanded by God and the Church...It was for these motives that he was imprisoned, nor could the tears of his wife and children make him swerve from the path of truth and virtue. In that terrible hour of trial, he raised his eyes to heaven, and proved himself a bright example of Christian fortitude." - Pius XI


  1. Pray for us St. Thomas More. Please ask our Lord to inspire us to pray for courageous men and women who love Him first, are honest and just and are not afraid to go against the tide of self-importance, reputation loving, cowardly seeking approval political correct behavior.

  2. ...such a magnificent drawing of a magnificent man. what a pity it is re:his portrayal in Wolf Hall.
    I have no doubt that there are such men as Thomas in our midst: and I am awaiting their 'coming out' to lead us all. We need this.


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