Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Hillary is innocent!

FBI recommends Hillary NOT be indicted.

Oh those Clinton's - always falsely accused and yet they soldier on!

The Clinton's do not lie.


  1. Wait a New York minute. Innocent she is not, just no proof of deliberate criminal intent. Big difference. The Clinton's are sloppy, greedy and lucky. All words that end in the letter y. Which means why would anyone vote for her? Oh yeah his name is Trump even worse then her. Election Day should be moved to Halloween this year. The evil spirits have been set loose and are having a hayday. What else could explain it.

    1. The Clinton's are amazing - they wiggle out of everything. Talk about conspiracies - something has been going on.

    2. While on earth they wiggle out of everything but come Judgement Day ... like the rest of us, we shall see when all is laid bare. ;p

    3. Yes Yaya. If the illumination of conscience occurs,as predicted by the Garabandal visionaries,then they will be called to account before that. They can repent do penance and amend their ways. Of course they will still have free will to continue in their wicked ways. Meanwhile, we have to get our own individual houses in order. I fear we are all in for a very bumpy ride over the next few months if not years.

    4. Amen ... personal conversion is key for each and every one of us.


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