Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Something strange is going on ...


JP Shimek wrote a post for NCRegister ... only to have it removed.

Editors' note: This post has been removed. The original text was posted without authorization and bypassed any editorial review. The blog did not reflect the Register's editorial views. - NCRegister

What was wrong with it?  It criticized traditionalists and conservatives, and on some level, the author may not be wrong - nevertheless, as others have pointed out - he's not exactly right when it comes to Catholic teaching on homosexuality either.  For instance, he believes "a redeemed and Christianized expression of homosexuality is possible and constitutes a means of sanctification and deification.  This kind of gay is good and godly."

No it's not.  Unless by deification and godliness he's talking about the Greek gods of mythology.  That's Neo-Paganism and is not Christian.

And David and Johnathan enjoyed a same-sex relationship honored by God?  Get out.  That is corrupt and revisionist gay theology.  That is so not Catholic.

Ganymede and Zeus
A different type of deification and godliness.

I'm tired of these run arounds.

*Please be advised that the Facebook screenshot is taken from the blog Cesspools of Impurity which reprinted the original Shimek article in NCRegister - Cesspools is not Shimek's blog.  Cesspools is an 'outsider' Catholic blog which uses humor to lampoon many Catholic sites which take themselves far too seriously, and in this case, publications that employ writers whose theological development may have progressed beyond editorial expectation.  I'm finding MSM and some Catholic blogs and news portals difficult to trust - hence my interest in 'outsider' sources.   I can't vouch for the Facebook screen shot - it is simply reproduced from the blog Cesspools of Impurity.  I'm just the messenger on this one.

Eponymous Flower also covers the story - and the comments suggest Shimek's doctrine has indeed developed beyond Catholic teaching.


  1. He criticizes "conservative" Catholics for picking on the Pope and Bishops, and names his blog "Priests have become cesspools of impurity." Huh?

    1. No - not him - Cesspools is just a site I check in on from time to time. In fact - now I'm not sure the screenshot above is authentic - I have to to try to verify its authenticity. Segments from Shimek's article from the Register - which was removed - is what is reprinted above and is reprinted on Cesspools.

      I like the blog because he gives equal criticism to all. LOL!

    2. The screenshot is authentic.


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