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Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Pope in Korea

(The other prelates are wearing white too.  When in Rome I wish he'd go back to black.)

Even North Korea welcomed him.

Upon his arrival in South Korea, Francis was welcomed by President Park Geun-Hye and also by three rockets. The Pope flew into Incheon airport in Seoul at 10:15 (local time) this morning for a five-day visit. North Korea fired three short-range rockets from a 300-millimeter multiple rocket launcher, into the East Sea (Sea of Japan), shortly before the Pope’s arrival. This is according to South Korea's Ministry of Defence.

The rockets were fired at a range of 220 kilometres from a launch site near Wonsan, a city on the north-eastern coast and ended up in the East Sea. The launches began at 9:30 without any prior warning and continued for about 25 minutes. - Source

It's all good. 

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  1. I like the white cassocks. I also like the pretty, what is that color, fuschia? It adds something beautiful to the buttons and the sash worn around the waist. I saw Cardinal Parolin wearing it in Rome as he was boarding the plane. Is it the choice of summer? I ask since black can be a bit hot.

    Another delight was watching Papa Francis get into a KIA Soul at the airport after having greeted all of the Korean dignitaries. That was a real treat.

    Viva il Papa!


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