Friday, August 15, 2014

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Mary was taken up into Heaven, 
the angels rejoice and with praises bless the Lord.

Who is she that cometh forth as the morning rising

fair as the moon, bright as the sun,

terrible as an army set in array?

A consoling thought from St. Maximilian Kolbe for the feast of the Assumption.

Whenever you feel guilty, even if it is because you have consciously committed a sin, a serious sin, something you have kept doing many, many times, never let the devil deceive you by allowing him to discourage you. Whenever you feel guilty, offer all your guilt to the Immaculate, without analyzing it or examining it, as something that belongs to her…

My beloved, may every fall, even if it is serious and habitual sin, always become for us a small step toward a higher degree of perfection.

In fact, the only reason why the Immaculate permits us to fall is to cure us from our self-conceit, from our pride, to make us humble and thus make us docile to the divine graces.

The devil, instead, tries to inject in us discouragement and internal depression in those circumstances, which is, in fact, nothing else than our pride surfacing again.

If we knew the depth of our poverty, we would not be at all surprised by our falls, but rather astonished, and we would thank God, after sinning, for not allowing us to fall even deeper and still more frequently.


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    1. I loved your comment Consolata. Now it is God's secret! God bless you.

    2. ....I felt vain....I will stop deleting...
      work was good. it Is always good to be 'on the bottom' - humbling, every single day. I am growing to enjoy it and find freedom in it. Poverty brings such unexpected riches !
      Terry, I awoke in the night, perhaps 2 or 3, and felt such comfort and closeness with God. I have never really "Felt" anything like that. such consolation ! I seem to be where I belong.
      I am most grateful for your site and your generosity with your spiritual meanderings. it is like wandering down a river with someone who doesn't know where he is going, but hey - 'its all good'.


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