Monday, August 11, 2014

Did you know? Some of the photos depicting ISIS atrocities may be faked.

The image of the little boy with the gun muzzles in his face
 is from Syria earlier this year, 
and when it came out it was suspected to be a hoax. - CF

And some of the stories may be exaggerated...

Who would've thunk it, huh?

Who would make up stories in wartime?

George Bush?  Hilary Clinton?  Hamas?  Putin?

Hold on to your discernment hats - but don't kid yourself:  It's still bad.

Pray and do penance.

Oh,  and don't forget.  If ISIS terrorists are beheading and dismembering Christian and Yazidi children, don't forget we do that in this country too...  We are just not allowed to show the images of what we do - we find it distasteful.

Pope Francis said yesterday that "the news reports coming from Iraq leave us in dismay and disbelief" - they do indeed.


  1. If the story be true...well, not at all surprised since shocking photos make for headlines and free publicity for those who thrive on such. I do however, hope those pics prove successful in getting us all to pray more frequently and to unite ourselves moreso to our suffering brethren in the Middle East and elsewhere.

    Terry, the fat harlot comes to mind lots these days. Remember I told you about her? Reclining on her chaise, she pours over all the gory details while eating the most decadent of chocolates and never once does she lift a finger, let alone pray...all one can hear is "my, oh my! Just shocking! Shocking but it has nothing to do with me."

    One more thing and this sure ain't fake!

    Iraq: “The Pope wanted to be there with the people in person,” says papal envoy, Filoni

    I am willing to bet and with a smile too, that if our sweet Papa could put on a pair of military khakis and some heavy duty combat boots, he would so be there directing people to safety. <3 <3

    Papa Francis, as he directs the children of Nineveh to safety:

    "Here! This way! Towards the Cross!
    Walk with me! I know Jesus and He will protect you!
    Let me lead you towards the way of the narrow but holy road to safety.
    The Madonna and St. Joseph are walking with us too!
    They know what it is to be a refugee!
    They had to flee too or Jesus would have died while still an infant!
    Do not fear! Trust in Divine Providence!
    I can attest to the truth of such protection!
    Come! Follow me!
    I will show you the way that leads to heaven!
    Jesus is Lord!
    He is with you always!

    Anyway, the very thought and those words and Papa waving us to safety gives me consolation and hope for all. ^^

    Those pictures, at least some, as possible fakes and trumped up? I hope so for the sake of those precious babies...I really hope so.

  2. Interestingly I showed this picture to one of my adult children & she told me it could be fake. Let us still pray...

    1. I can't confirm that the photo was staged - it was only suspected to be. Deacon Kandra has a post on how some photos can be staged.

  3. [One more thing and this sure ain't fake! Iraq: “The Pope wanted to be there with the people in person,” says papal envoy, Filoni]

    That’s the headline, but the text says different: “The Holy Father WOULD PROBABLY HAVE LIKED TO BE THERE with those poor people,” Cardinal Fernando Filoni told the Vatican Television Center.

  4. Go to the bottom three photos here unless such things attack your faith:

    1. I saw those before. The one with the basin catching blood is supposed to be photo shopped. That of course doesn't change anything - the atrocities are definitely happening. Thanks Bill.

    2. Bill, the "basin of blood" picture is photoshopped and is from at least as early as 2008. It's from a series of poorly photoshopped images attempting to "prove" that Chinese people eat young virgin women.

      Most of the images we are seeing of civilians being killed come from Syria, either this year or last year. Of course it's the same thugs.

      One reason there are so few pictures of current ISIS atrocities is that they have a very tight control on the media where they are, and act in reprisal against unauthorized photography.

      But we have to be very careful not to spread false images. You can always do a google search of an image to find when it first appeared online.


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