Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Contemplating suicide: Robin Williams

It's too bad.

Robin Williams, rest in peace.

Depression and addiction.  It's a killer.

I heard it on the news last evening and mentioned it to the cashier at the store.  She was probably about twenty and so many younger people seem not to know who anyone of a certain age is, so I asked if she ever heard of him.

Me: "Do you know who Robin Williams is?"

She:  "He's that funny guy - right?  He is always acting nuts and makes people laugh?"

Me:  "Yeah.  I just heard on the news he died - they said he committed suicide."

And then everyone started talking on how much they loved him and cited their favorite roles and lines.

I left.

I prayed for him.

I pray for the suicides.

A lot of people - especially Hollywood types - and lately bankers - opt for suicide.

That is so definitive.  So extreme.  So eternal.

I'm not judging the suicides - just speaking for myself - how such news affects me.

People in my family attempted suicide - I'm not sure it is even close to what Robin Williams did.

Suicide only works when you actually die from it.


  1. My prayers for Mr. Williams and his family. May the good Lord have mercy on him. His story is a sad one if what they are reporting is true.

    I remember when I wanted to die. I was young, immature, and very depressed. I always had an image of myself lying in a black ditch, cold and dead. I could never get out of it.
    I found help and freedom through a friend who referred me to Judith, a wonderful devout Catholic Charismatic woman who was also a LCSW. Her love and her wisdom and her prayers helped me.

    But I know it was Jesus working through her...

  2. I am very glad that the Church no longer automatically condemns those who commit suicide. Anyone who does this has to be in tremendous mental turmoil. The will to live is practically a part of our DNA. No one can be said to be in their right mind when life has become so painful that the desire to die is greater than the will to live.


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