Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Calling a spade a spade: The Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue deplores the acts of violence by the militants of the Islamic caliphate ...

In the Middle East, especially in Iraq and Syria.

The Vatican body calls on the members of all religions and on the international community to join in the condemnation. It also calls on Islamic religious leaders to condemn the use of religion as a false justification for terrorism and to make the culture of coexistence and dialogue that has developed in the past few years more real and credible. - Asia News

In July Muslim religious leaders condemned the persecution of Iraqi Christians, as well as declaring the new 'caliphate' as illegitimate, and a threat to civilization.

"Since the caliphate was abolished ... there have been movements that think they can pull together the Muslim world by re-establishing a caliphate, but they have nothing to do with reality, whether from a political or legal perspective." 
Gormez said death threats against non-Muslims made by the group, formerly known as Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), were hugely damaging. "The statement made against Christians is truly awful. Islamic scholars need to focus on this (because) an inability to peacefully sustain other faiths and cultures heralds the collapse of a civilization," he told Reuters in an interview. - VR*
Don't forget Boko Haram in Nigeria - as well as those terrorist affiliates across the globe anxious to form an Islamic State.

Muslim religious leaders may not recognize the 'caliphate' but the caliphate does.  Islam doesn't have a central government or a supreme religious leader.  If someone decide he's powerful enough to form a caliphate - legitimate or not - a caliphate has been formed.  The terrorists want an Islamic State.  

Pray the rosary
every day.

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