Saturday, March 12, 2016

Truth has dwindled from the sons of men, falsehood they speak one to another, with lying lips, with a false heart.

Something for our times - a letter Franz Jägerstätter wrote from prison:

“As long as we live in this world, I believe it is never too late to save ourselves and perhaps some other soul for Christ. 
One really has no cause to be astonished that there are those who can no longer find their way in the great confusion of our day. People we think we can trust, who ought to be leading the way and setting a good example, are running along with the crowd. No one gives enlightenment, whether in word or in writing. Or, to be more exact, it may not be given. And the thoughtless race goes on, always closer to eternity. As long as conditions are still half good, we don’t see things quite right, or that we could or should do otherwise…. 
“If the road signs were stuck ever so loosely in the earth that every wind could break them off or blow them about, would anyone who did not know the road be able to find his way? And how much worse is it if those to whom one turns for information refuse to give him an answer or, at most, give him the wrong direction just to be rid of him as quickly as possible?”  - Franz Jägerstätter: Letters and Writings from Prison

I'm so happy we have Bl. Franz as an example of conscience.  Jägerstätter was the only one in his village to vote against Anschluss. His Catholic neighbors did not support his objection to the war. Neither did his spiritual advisers support him. He stood alone.

Remember - we are not alone - even if friends, family, church people and pastors abandon us - we have the communion of the saints and our Lord Jesus Christ. Trust.

Prayer of St. Claude de la Colombière ...

My God, I’m so persuaded that You watch over all who hope in You and nothing can be lacking to those who await from You all things, that I have determined to live from now on without any concern, letting go and giving You all of my anxieties. I will sleep and rest in peace because You, O Lord, and only You, have secured my hope.

Men can deprive me of possessions and reputation; illnesses can take away my strength and means to serve You; I myself can lose Your grace because of sin; but I will not lose my hope; I will conserve it until the last instant of my life and all the efforts from demons trying to take it away from me will be useless. I will sleep and rest in peace.

Others may expect happiness in their riches and talents; some may lean on the innocence of their lives, or the rigor of their penitence, or above all on the amount of their good works, or the fervor of their prayers. As for myself Lord, all my confidence is my confidence itself. Because You Lord, only You have secured my hope.

No one has been deceived by this confidence. No one who has waited in the Lord has been frustrated in their confidence.

Therefore, I am sure that I will be eternally happy because I firmly hope to be; and because You, Oh, My God, are in Whom I expect all. In You I hope Lord, and never will I be confused.

I know very well . . . too well that I am fragile and inconstant, I know well the power of temptations against the most firm virtue; I have seen thestars fall from heaven and columns from the firmament; but none of this can frighten me. As long as I maintain firm my hope, I will be conserved from all calamities; and I am sure to hope always, because I hope the same in this unchanging hope.

In conclusion, I am sure that I cannot hope in excess in You and that I will receive all that I would have hoped for in You. Therefore, I know You will sustain me on the most rapid and slippery slopes, that You will strengthen me against the assaults and make my weakness triumph over the most tremendous enemies.

I hope You will always love me and I will love you without interruption; to take once and for all my hope as far as it can reach. I hope in You and only in You! Oh, My Creator! In time and for all eternity.

Let them...

Others may expect happiness in their riches and talents; some may lean on the innocence of their lives, or the rigor of their penitence, or above all on the amount of their good works, or the fervor of their prayers.

... let them.


  1. Terry ? I want to say this with all sincerity: OR without prejudice as they say, officially.

    I have spent 8 agonizing years watching your American president destroy your country. But he is after all a beautiful Liberal ! Some would prefer PROGRESSIVE ! But let's just call him a mega-liberal , no: a megalomaniacal Liberal to satisfy me for the moment !

    Now everybody LOVES a liberal ! Why? Because Liberal means FREE, Baby And let's be honest: everybody wants to be Free ! Free to do this; free to do that ! Ya gotta do what you wanna do; be what ya wanna be; say what ya wanna say, %$*& when ya wanna %$+@ ! Get the Point ?

    Not just THAT: declare YOUR choices as entirely RIGHT. Not cuz it's Left, but because it's Correct ! Why? Because it's You baby! It is THEREFORE: RIGHT ! It may be WRONG for the next guy, but it's RIGHT FOR YOU ! And that, in a nutshell, is ALL that it takes to BE ... LIBERAL... be progressive: push the envelope ONE LITTLE inch at a time until we are all keeling RIGHT OVER THE CLIFF. Politically speaking , liberals are the dumbest, simplest, but most destructive force in the human race as it exists TODAY.

    There is your Obama ! There is Hitlery Clinton !

    This IS NOT TRUMP ! He IS NOT A FASCIST ! LIBERALS ARE ALL FASCISTS ! Just watch them at Trump's RALLIES. Socialists = Communists = progressives = George Soros' sponsored "Black lives Matter" = ACCORN = you-progressives-name-it: L.G.B. T . agendas pushing us over the hill dumb but dirty Liberals.

    NO MORE !

    Tea with MUSSOLINI = life under Hillary: NOT TRUMP !
    just GOOGLE : C L I N T O N B O D Y C O U N T !!!!!!!!!
    FIND OUT how many people Bill and Hillary HAVE HAD MURDERED !

    I, for one simple-minded but politically interested CANADIAN am sick of seeing you make DT look like Hitler when the past 8 years you've had a true fascist liar of a president !

    signed: today's Conservative Franz Jäggerstätter

    because LIBERALS ARE TODAY's FASCISTS. They have the momentum that is driving America into HELL, NOW.

    ad hominem RANT over !

    p.s.: this is for your eyes only and I mean it in no way uncharitable toward you personally, but I consider your position an ad hominem attack against DT in the first place, so that's why I am wacking away at the demoncrats oK? I'm certain you will delete my comment.

    1. Hi Walter - I'd never delete your comment. I don't mind and I really appreciate your viewpoint. I'm no fan of Hilary - but I'd say she's more Marxist than Fascist. That's not hard to see, is it?

      All I can say about Trump is I could never vote for him. If Mussolini or Hitler were running on a promise that they would appoint a pro-life judge - would it be worth it?

      I'm bowing out. I live in a culture, a society who has no use for me anyway.

      As I said, let the dead bury their dead. I will have confidence in merciful love, not men.

      Thanks Walter - big hug! Tear me to shreds - I still love you.

    2. BTW - I closed comments because I don't want you to delete your great comment to me.