Friday, March 11, 2016

The Boston Globe dropped Crux

But John Allen intends to keep it going.

I rarely checked the site, but I like John Allen.  I think the Globe dropped it due to lack of interest - or numbers.  It didn't do well.  And that is the way it goes with religious news in today's environment.

Religious news sites, like Catholic blogs, seem to do very little to attract people searching for God.  An exception would be sites such as Word On Fire and those dedicated to real evangelization, but news and gossip sites, which promote division, generally seem to repel those seeking 'theosis' as it were, and everyone else who already think religious people are crackpots anyway.

As an example, if you need one, check out the latest feud between Longenecker and The Remnant.

When you ask ordinary people if they have ever heard of this or that name from the blogosterium, they invariably say no.

It seems sort of crazy, huh.

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  1. Actually, I think the numbers were okay; it was the money. They expected to get big Catholic advertising revenue, but what faithful Catholic group wants to advertise on fishwrap lite?


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