Sunday, March 06, 2016

So, I'm painting a small retablo of St. Joseph.

San Jose

Just some thoughts ...

I wish I could paint as simply as the santeros in New Mexico - their simple compositions are lovely.  I was going to do a simple New Mexican style retablo, then I added layers of paint detail and complicated it.  I'm not an artist or a santero - but I love the piece anyway, because it is San Jose, my dad.

Never try to figure him out - St. Joseph - let him near you - or you go to him and don't think about what his hidden life was like - just draw near him, and he will teach you silently, albeit obscurely.

I was thinking if I charged just for my time spent on the materials, prep-work, and painting - my art would be very expensive.  I think I'm going on 16 hours for this piece.

I don't care though.  Never did.  I'm content with a sufficiency. (1 Timothy 6:6)

Painting St. Joseph, no matter how badly it turns out, is a way for me to get close to him.

His feast day is coming up soon.

S. Felipe de Jesus


  1. I love San Jose too. He has always come to my aid. He always intercedes for me on behalf of my many hospice patients too. I ask him to ask our Lord to grant the patients the grace of a happy death, to ease their suffering, to enhance the effects of any medication they may need to keep them comfortable.

    I keep him busy and he knows I love him very much for it.

    Terry, that retablo looks lovely. If you decide to put it up for sale,well, I will have to line up for it. ^^ Will you ever paint one of San Jose sleeping? Reclining?

    1. Oh these are not mine - they are museum examples of New Mexican retablos.

      Thanks though.

    2. Ah ... nevertheless, I am sure your San José will be just as lovely and I am already in line to view and to admire. 😊


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