Friday, March 11, 2016

Mic'd Up and Worked Up.

(This photo was titled "Gary" when I found it on Google.)

I watched another episode of Mic'd Up last night because Raymond Arroyo was talking to some guy in a wig about his new kid's book or something.  (I smell a movie deal.)   Religious TV can be so weird.

So anyway, Michael Voris is much better on Mic'd Up than he is on The Vortex - although last night he was slightly worked up - but he wasn't near Howard Beale level.  He had George Neumayr on and they were definitely doing heavy lifting on the Cardinal Wuerl story.  That lavish lifestyle and light in the loafers persona certainly got a lot of exposure.  Is it detraction?  Is it defamation?

I don't know.  Earlier in the show Dolan got his.  CM actually documented with video of the Cardinal's interview, and the parishioners - if you don't know the story, I'm not repeating it - but Church Militant has all the sordid details on their site here.  It makes you wonder what is really going on.  Why the Archdiocese doesn't connect with Church Militant and settle these reports.  Will a major news outlet pick up the story?  It's slightly unsettling, reminiscent of Renaissance corruption and extravagances involving bishops and priests and paramours.

Of all the people who need to be concerned about their soul, I suspect Michael needs to be.  Exposing lies and falsehoods is a dark art.  That said, we all need to be.  Concerned, that is.  For our own soul, that is.

In the case of people like Voris, Neumayr, and even Remnant reporters and editors, you cannot esteem one person without despising another - even though you say you despise the sin but love the sinner.  Likewise, making accusations really needs to be 'tried' and proved or disproved.  That is why there are courts - civil and ecclesiastic.  We can expose one another's nakedness - but there is a price to pay for that.  Neumayr brought up Randy Engel's book, remarking she had never been sued for her allegations against Donald Wuerl.   If the accusations are even true - or not - this is how calumny and detraction is perpetuated - the fact the author's claims were never disputed is not proof they are true.

I was reading some of the old lady blogs and their comments on the developing NYC Archdiocesan homo-priest scandal, and these folks, along with their commentators dig up more dirt and fling it through cyberspace as if they are somehow supporting the troops.  At one site someone posted a series of quotes from SSPX Archbishop Lefebvre claiming the Vatican is in apostasy and so on.  These reports incite others, who repeat rumors and alleged statements, sometimes attributed to private revelations and mystics, sowing greater confusion and error than the original reports.  The door is thereby opened to rash judgement, detraction, acrimony, defamation, and all sorts of evil.  It foments dissent and erodes trust.

I can't see how a 'good spirit' is guiding these conversations.

The so-called Lavender Mafia and its member would probably surprise devout Catholics who get worked up over this attempt at perpetual exposé.  Among the clergy in NY, no doubt there are faithful priests who may have homosexual inclination, who remain friends with fellow priests who disagree with Catholic teaching.  There are good 'gays' and dissenting gays... good guys and bad guys - working side by side.  Some get to be pastors and bishops, some slip up, some change, some go off the rails.  Some say they are SSA.  Some say they are gay.  Some don't say anything.  Many have friends in high places who also know the score.  Some have enemies in high places too.  They know one another.  They always have.

Just saying.

Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus who inspires and perfects our faith.

Don't forget: Priest and prophet forage in a land they know not.

Don't look too closely because the devil will show you their faults.

Let the dead bury their dead.


Remember Lot's wife.

. . .

BTW - I still think Voris is a decent guy, I like to think of him as a similar type to "Lot, a righteous man oppressed by the licentious conduct of unprincipled people (for day after day that righteous man living among them was tormented in his righteous soul at the lawless deeds that he saw and heard)..." - 2 Peter 2:7-8.  Seriously.

He's a mighty decent guy, I must say.
My room is totally 
lined with his photos.



  1. "I was reading some of the old lady blogs"

    You were? I thought I shut mine down long ago ... I bet someone "dug it up" for all the world to see. ;p

    Have a restful weekend, Terry!

  2. I think poor Mike needs to find a nice girl (I will take him at his word that it would be girl) who has a normal job outside of this stuff, and or make friends with some guys who aren't the least bit interested in this. Someone needs to tell him...."Dude, calm down, let's go get some beers and quit talking about this stuff!"

  3. There's a legitimate need to expose corruption where it exists, but there is a fine line between exposing corruption and committing calumny. The relentlessness with with ChurchMilitant targets certain prelates - to the point where it almost starts to seem personal - leads me to believe that they too often fall on the calumny side of the line.


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