Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Queen Of England Enrages Homosexuals ...

According to who is reporting the story, that is  ...

So anyway a friend of a friend of the Queen 'reportedly' told someone the Queen 'privately' "opposed the legalization of same-sex marriage in England because of her deeply held Christian values,"

I added 'privately' opposed it because whatever her thoughts on it - it became law.  Likewise, as Head of the Church of England, one would expect Her Majesty to be opposed to it.  Protected by law, the Church of England is not obliged to perform same-sex marriages, and other religions organizations are free to refuse to perform same sex marriages as well.

"Those in civil partnerships can choose to convert their relationships to marriage, via a procedure expected to be in place by the end of the year, but are under no obligation to do so," reported the BBC.
"The law prohibits the Church of England from performing same-sex weddings, and allows other religious organisations to refuse to perform them."

(The original story says nothing about homosexual outrage.  Read it here.)

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