Sunday, March 06, 2016

Nancy Reagan RIP


An amazing woman and devoted wife, as well as one of the chicest First Ladies ever.

Prayers for the repose of her soul.


  1. She was a wonderful first lady.

  2. I always liked her despite the many critics when she was first lady. They were jealous I suppose. She carried herself with finesse. She was discreet and loved her Ronnie so much. I remember watching his funeral and seeing her so sad and not wanting to let him go.

    Rejoice Mrs. Nancy Reagan! I will pray you are with your Ronnie now never to be parted again.

    May the Lord of Life grant you eternal peace and rest.

    1. It was a beautiful love story she and the president.

  3. I think fondly of Ronald's Presidency and Nancy Reagan as First Lady, however I hesitate to jump to knowing their destination. Nancy was known to dabble in astrology and other soothsaying activities, which gives me pause. Instead I will pray for them that they may find eternal peace.


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