Tuesday, March 01, 2016

New stuff at the Shop

Our Lady Undoer of Knots
with St. Toribio Romo Gonzales and St. Ceferino Namuncura

I call it the Holy Week Collection.  I posted 9 pieces today.  The photography is very bad - I will have to re-shoot almost every piece - need to get a decent camera first.

Check it out here:  My Etsy Shop: Dogwood Details.

Unfortunately some of it is kind of pricey because of the unique framing and decorative ornament.  For instance, the two saints shown above are hand-carved wood, vintage (at least mid-20th century) statues from Northern Italy.


  1. Thanks for the feast for my eyes Terry: actually no I do not think they are expensive: you are very modest in your prices, just my opinion. I used to work, alone, in a framing shop:(owned by another) cutting matts, glass, miter-ing frames et al; and the frames you have found are just Lovely. Frames are very expensive.
    I sometimes have to look at....my life, all our lives, with...a frame about it - a trite observation but one I Have to do or lose it totally: and when I have thought recently about Pope Francis, on his desire for us to Give Mercy to each other ! it does of course mean one gives it oneself as well: often the hardest of all. How ironic that his audience simply Can or Will not extend mercy to their own Holy Father ! blows the mind.
    sorry for the mercy discourse: however in looking at the gilt frames, the built up frames, the 'idiosyncratic' frames....they glorify their contents, as well they should. How do we know how God is framing our own lives, with His most intimate knowledge of every occurrence, event, thought, heartbreak in our lives - & how to ever know the burden another carries...
    What faith the Saints have...thanks for painting as you do/did. Its good to think of you doing this work.
    oh no - another near 2 am mind-racing time. up at 6.

    1. Thanks Consolata. If I was a little kid I would want my stuff - so I think like a little kid and worry it is too expensive - know what I mean?

    2. Yes ! actually I do totally 'get' that.

    3. I knew you would. :)

  2. Soooo very tempting!


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