Sunday, February 28, 2016

Heigh ho the derry-o ...

Once upon a time there were a half dozen or so, very poor, little children who all had the same single mom.  Mom home-schooled the children, pretty much because she was afraid to leave the house and had nothing better to do.  As there was no income, the poor mother couldn't afford firewood.  One day the kitchen stove was in danger of going out, and it was the only source of heat in the little ramshackle cottage situated on the edge of the forest.  The mom cried and begged the little children to go out and collect faggots for the stove, as the fire would otherwise soon go out.

While in the forest, they came upon an old witch's cottage, and to their delight, she invited them in for some tea and Bisquick biscuits filled with chocolate chips.  "My version of a chocolate croissant - I entered the recipe at the County Fair last year and it was published in Witches Home Journal," boasted the witch.  However, as the children entered the kitchen, they saw a wolf dressed up in women's clothes, along with a little girl with a beard, wearing a blond wig, eating pickled piglets.  Something wasn't right, so the terrified children screamed and ran out the door of the cottage.

Running as fast as they could, they ran up to a farmer in the dell and asked him for a ride home.  Hard of hearing, the elderly farmer thought they were threatening to have his hide, and he shot and killed them with his automatic rifle.

The End

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  1. This is almost as scary as watching Trump and Hillary on CNN.

  2. Gee, that's comforting, T. Have any more?

    1. I do - but not right away.

    2. Wow ... any point to the story, Terry?


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