"Are we prepared to promote conditions in which the living contact with God can be reestablished? For our lives today have become godless to the point of complete vacuity. God is no longer with us in the conscious sense of the word. He is denied, ignored, excluded from every claim to have a part in our daily life." - Alfred Delp, S.J.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

If Hillary becomes president...

What a nightmare.

That voice.  That nagging, fish-wife voice.  And when she bellers or switches to ebonics and/or some other dialect to impress her listeners, it will always be crazy.  What is wrong with Democrats?

I never understood how people in the U.K. endured Thatcher either - but I suppose they were prepared for it by the Queen and her annus horribilis.  (Just kidding - kind of.)

If Trump becomes president it will be just as bad - if not worse.  His trophy wife will be a perfect distraction for a superficial, idol-driven, greedy, power-hungry American electorate.

What has happened to this country?


  1. And to think that Shrillary looks like she sounds as does Trump. They both act as if they deserve to be POTUS. No gracias but if push comes to shove, I will take Trump over Shrillary any day.

    At least he's entertaining.

  2. Be my guest Yaya. Please take him and please let it be far far away from a microphone. God help us all to get through the next 9months and what may come after that. I was somewhat impressed to hear Hillary thoughtfully quote Henri Nouwen and she did so accurately too. Still, I get the voice, the attitude, the history of the Clintons. Perhaps though with mightily prayer there may be hope for her. Ian sorry but there is no hope for Trump. He is playing a dangerous game with our future at stake. We deserve better then these two but then again we deserve better in Church leadership as well.

    1. Too much baggage is Shrillary carrying and will bring to the WH. Even now, she causes shady scandal with her supposed emails and mishandling of the Benghazi affair. Trump is no angel but it seems despite his big mouth in foot blunders maybe he's not as dirty as Shrillary ... who knows.
      All in all no good candidates are to be had. I remain unimpressed with any political hack who quotes famous Catholic people to try to get in good with us Catholic folks while at the same time remains ravenous in their defense of abortion no matter what. Trump supports it too so he's no better.

  3. What Yaya said. Nothing grates on my nerves more than that stupid fake laugh of Hillary's when asked a question by the Sunday talk-show hosts. "Oh hahahahah, Ohhhhh that's just blah blah blahhhh ..." and tosses her head back, and I just want to barf. All politicians are fake but she takes the cake. Kills me that people just don't care she's a liar and a killer of Americans (yes, Bhengazi). I'm hoping and praying for the FBI to do something. Soon. As bad as any Republican candidate may be, our nation can't afford Hillary or Sanders -- morally or otherwise.

  4. There are no good choices at the national level. Each one of them have some serious flaws except Kaisch who is a long shot. Elections are decided by turnout and this one will be no different. I just do not see Trump succeeding in a national election. As for Hillary quoting Nouwen, most Cathoilcs I know would not be impressed since they would not know who he is. I think she has done some serious reading if she know Nouwen. He is not a name one drops to impress people. We have to wake up to two facts. Big money and big media are running our country. Without serious campaign financing reform nothing changes. Likewise without thoughtful participation by the electorate we will be dominated by the lowest common denominator.

    1. I like Kasich too but like you said, he is a long shot and that's too bad for us and for our country. I know who Henri Nouwen is, I have a series of taped talks of his from some 22 years ago. Were Shrillary to truly embrace his teachings she would be a new woman and then and only then would I consider her ... maybe.

      In the meantime, I'm with you and will be praying for our beloved US of A.


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