Monday, February 29, 2016

Yup, I watched the Oscars.

I liked the show, I liked Chris Rock and the skits - especially Whoopi as the cleaning lady.

Mad Max was justly awarded - probably the most creative film series ever, finally recognized.

That said, my favorite Oscar related detail happened later, on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick's spoofing the Producer's with a parody of the Trump campaign.  I watched it as if it was a docu-drama rather than a musical comedy.  It was great!

"Trumped,” starring Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick, follows the same beats as the 2005 film, which was adapted from the 2001 Broadway musical, which was itself an adaptation of the 1968 Mel Brooks film of the same name. In this version, however, Bialystock (Lane) and Bloom (Broderick) are political consultants instead of accountants. Their goal is to raise money for the “worst candidate in history” and make off with the profits once their mark sinks in the polls; they find their “schmuck,” their “putz,” their “grade-A, world-class nincompoop” in one Donald J. Trump, but their plan backfires when Trump, against all odds, actually appeals to “fiscal conservatives, the religious right, [and] crazy, old, semi-racist white people.” - Source

Actually, I think that's pretty much what is happening.

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