Saturday, March 05, 2016

Good news: A miracle approved for Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity...

Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity, OCD

Her canonization forthcoming.

Among the other decrees approved by the Holy Father for the Congregation of Causes of Saints is another Carmelite, Fr. Marie-Eugene of the Child Jesus, OCD, the renowned scholar and theologian who wrote I Want to See God and I Am a Daughter of the Church, an exposition of Carmelite spirituality according to St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, St. Therese of Lisieux, as well as Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity.  Fr. Marie-Eugene's work was especially concentrated upon the spirituality and doctrine of St. Therese of Lisieux.
The secret of St. Therese is no different from that of St. John of the Cross. The Theresian love of littleness and of poverty united to blind trust in divine mercy, is that not the same as the Joannine hope that is detached from everything and that God immediately fills? - P. Marie-Eugene, O.C.D. - I Am A Daughter of the Church, Chapter IV The Conduct of the Soul 
I especially love this insight from Fr. Marie-Eugene on the importance of the priesthood - it reminds me of something Fr. Regis Scanlon said in an interview with Michael Voris this past week - I'll only cite Fr. Marie-Eugene's quote:

"If the priest does not preach, does not consecrate, does not work, souls die of starvation.  Where he is absent, faith disappears.  Let a parish remain twenty years without a priest, said the Cure of Ars, and its people will be adoring beasts.  On the other hand, where the priest is active, zealous and holy, the Christian life develops and sanctity appears." - Pere Eugene-Marie, OCD, I Want To See God, Chapter V - Silence

Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity.

Her spirituality, her 'doctrine' or teaching on prayer, the prayer of recollection - the indwelling of the Blessed Trinity is the secret of holiness.  It is the secret of unceasing prayer.  Her canonization will call attention to her mission.  It is a cause for great rejoicing and a call to holiness for the most ordinary person, a lofty prayer accessible to all the baptized in the state of grace.

The Decree:

the miracle, attributed to the intercession of Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity (born Élizabeth Catez), professed religious of the Discalced Carmelites; born 18 July 1880 and died 9 November 1906; 
the miracle, attributed to the intercession of the Venerable Servant of God Marie-Eugene of the Child Jesus (born: Henri Grialou), professed Priest of the Order of Discalced Carmelites, Founder of the Secular Institute of Notre-Dame de Vie; born 2 December 1894 and died 27 March 1967. - RV

h/t Dr. Lilles: I discovered news on the canonization at his site, where he also writes very well and authoritatively on Elizabeth of the Trinity.  Check out his site: Beginning to Pray.


  1. Terry, I enjoy your blog for the humor, your insight and the new things I learn. So, thank you for the effort. I never had heard of Carlo Carretta and am thinking he might make good Lenten reading. What do you think? I have long known of Charles Foulcard and his Little Brothers. An amazing story.

  2. I Think Carlo is a good read - I'd suggest Letters From the Desert. Elizabeth of the Trinity would be excellent as well. Pray for me.


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