Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Holy Father sounds a lot like Our Lady today: “It is never too late to convert, but it is urgent, it is now! Let us begin today."

(CNA/EWTN News) God's patience towards sinners is without limit, yet the time for conversion is now, Pope Francis said during his Sunday Angelus address at the Vatican.
“It is never too late to convert, but it is urgent, it is now! Let us begin today,” said the Pope Feb. 28 to the crowds in St. Peter's Square. - Found @ Padre Steve

It's interesting, isn't it.  The Holy Father went on to say we all have a little bit of hypocrisy in us.  We all need to repent.  You hear Today's Gospel and may think - 'yeah - those people who say this and that about others ...'  Suddenly it dawned on me, 'but I'm those people'.

I think what we say about others, or when we point out what's wrong with others, should be a big signal to ourselves that something may be wrong with our point of view.  If all we see is negative - something may be negative about our outlook.

I am so familiar with Today's Gospel, at first I didn't think it applied all that much to me.  I thought, 'I know who those people are who call out everyone else for God's punishment.'  Like I said, at first I thought Today's Gospel was for the 'others', and pretty much just a reminder, or an exhortation for me to keep in mind.  That attitude scared the heck out of me as I finally recognized it for what it was.  The log in my eye, the Pharisee thanking God I wasn't like the 'others'.  That is truly scary.

“It is never too late to convert, but it is urgent, it is now! Let us begin today."


  1. All true Terry. Putting God off is something I struggle with many times over since I think my needs and wants are more urgent. I am too repent too then otherwise I will end up without the Lord upon his return.

    Please remember me in your prayers.

  2. You are in my prayers.

  3. Hey Terry

    I came across this post searching about info on today - i loved the post. I always love seeing photos of Popes or saints when they are younger - reminds you that they are normal people just like us and that gives me cause for hope!

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    Thanks for all of your writing.


    1. Hi Tom - Thanks for your kind words. I normally don't do ads or anything - but I'll add a link to your site.


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