Friday, March 04, 2016

Heartbreaking News: Four Missionaries of Charity have been shot dead in Yemen during an attack by gunmen on a Church-run retirement home.

A Salesian priest from India is missing as well.

The attackers seized Fr Tom Uzhunnalil, a Salesian priest who lived at the facility. At the time of the attack, he "was in the chapel praying." - AsiaNews

The news is stunning:
Four Missionaries of Charity nuns from India were among 16 people gunned down by suspected Islamic fundamentalists on Friday in Aden, Yemen.

A Salesian priest from India who is in Aden at the time of attack has gone missing. “Seemingly they have taken him (Father Tom Uzhunnanil) along, but this is still to be confirmed,” says a message the Salesian Provincial secretary of Bangalore later in the day. 
The Mother Teresa nuns were killed when four gunmen stormed an elderly care home in Aden’s Sheikh Othman district. They killed a guard and shot randomly at residents, news agencies reported. - Source
This is surely a hate-filled, diabolical act - to kill innocents.  It is diabolical.

The victims are Sister Anselm from India,
 Sister Marguerite from Rwanda, 
Sister Judit from Kenya
 and Sister Reginette also from Rwanda.


Prayers for the martyred nuns and elderly residents, the missing priest and all missionaries - and all those suffering from terror, persecution, and massacre.

I need to repent and do penance, and keep repenting and keep doing penance.

O my God,I am heartily sorry forhaving offended Thee,and I detest all my sins,because I dread the loss of heaven,and the pains of hell;but most of all becausethey offend Thee, my God,Who are all good anddeserving of all my love.I firmly resolve,with the help of Thy grace,to confess my sins,to do penance,and to amend my life.Amen.


  1. The victims are Sister Anselm from India, Sister Marguerite from Rwanda, Sister Judit from Kenya and Sister Reginette also from Rwanda. From

    1. Many thanks for their names. Praised be Jesus Christ!

    2. Prayers for the Sisters and their killers. Lord Jesus, save your people!

  2. Making the sign of the cross with the words attains a partial does reading scripture devoutly.
    Apply same to these victims' souls. Read about this last night. Awful. The men who did this are in bad position before God. Pray God does not damn them but rather brings them by graces to a sentence in Purgatory for however long.


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