Saturday, April 11, 2015

Who knew? There really is life on Patheos!*

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I'm just kidding of course - but I discovered a very good blog on Patheos called, Cosmos In The Lost - from Artur Rosman.  Rosman has an interesting post comparing Bonhoeffer to Alice's 'late husband' - the other Dietrich, Dietrich von Hildebrand ... click here: Mein Kampf Against Hitler.

All of the witnesses from that era are extremely important examples and guides for Christians today.  Rosman includes Alfred Delp, SJ among the witnesses, calling him "a unique and unrepeatable witness, martyr, and thinker in his own right."  A few days ago I mentioned Bl. Franz Jägerstätter - a true hero, a unique, single witness.  There are so many others - many saints, canonized and not canonized, all of whom warrant our attention and study.

*Never mind - my mistake.


  1. I just love Bl. Franz Jaegerstatter! I poured his liqueur over my berries and cream just three nights ago. And I keep it next to my bed as a most potent cough syrup.

  2. OH -- that's Jaegermeister! Does the devotion still count? I'm a Deep South Louisiana and our Jansenist roots run deep. I'm so terribly sorry. Dear Jesus, please still love me! Thank you -- That is all.


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